Eleonora Pecorella

Eleonora Pecorella is a photographer and art historian born in Rome in 1973. She received her BA and Master in Art History from Rome La Sapienza University. She worked few years in this field in Italy, before moving to London in 2008, where she exclusively focused on photography as her main interest and activity, studying photography at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design.

As soon as she started learning it, she felt that photography was the tool to satisfy her need to expression. Her first practice focused on macro photography to undertake a visual investigation of plants and flowers, in order to emphasize the hidden artistry in the world of plants which silently surrounds human life. She had her first solo exhibition “Botanical Beauty” at the Imperial College of London in May-June 2010.She then opened to other subjects. She travelled around the world in 2012 for 4 months keeping a photoblogging, published on an Italian online magazine (TheTripMag).

She has an aesthetic approach to life, but because of her studies, she believes that historical, social, and political context are fundamental information to understand and then represent reality.

She has had solo and group exhibitions in London and Italy, and received rewards for her work. She now lives in London and Rome.


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