Gerardo A Caicedo

“Randomness is a spark that ignites the brain; it is an instant where imagination arises”

Gerardo Caicedo is a self-taught artist who was born in 1953 in Tulua, Valle, Colombia. He began his life as a digital artist after a long life journey. Gerardo graduated college as a Zoo-technician Veterinary Doctor, and gained a great in-depth understanding of his professional field. From working in areas such as livestock production to the world of bullfighting, Gerardo learned to contemplate and understand nature within the front-rows such field offered him. It was this intimate connection with nature that made him immerse into the world of artistic expression. By chance, a computer became the only witness of his creativity and ingeniousness. In this device, he found the color box of his childhood years.

Gerardo describes his art as, “a quantum universe of lines and colors drawn harmoniously, to create shapes that are created in a dimension of conceptuality and fantasy.” This technique, inspired by the simplicity of the naïve form, emerges from lines that are drawn without a predetermined model. The shapes and the colors surface as the artist engages his own conceptual discovery of the piece. As a consequence, the result is always surprising images that reveal to us the success of his work.
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