Sara Swan

I am a Los Angeles based artist.

The human form, body language, costume and fashion characterize my art. I often draw from my imagination or work from my own photos of people who allow me to take their picture.

Pastels, oil colors, and oil sticks are my primary mediums. I tend to work at a large scale, often at life size, or sometimes as small as an 8"x10" paper or canvas.

Educated at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, my roots as an illustrator are evident in much of my work.

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Body Language

Much of my work concerns the female figure, often clothed in vintage swimwear, sometimes in other fashions. After years of drawing the nude figure I began to use these images as focal points in larger drawings and paintings, incorporating clothing and bright colors.

Quirky Characters

This is a different drawing style, not taken from life drawings but drawn from my imagination. These are like children's book illustrations with a dreamy and whimsical quality.