Mona Hassan

Mona Hassan

Location: Egypt

Mona Hassan is an artist who has her own method of painting migrating between impressionism, expressionism and surrealism, and often combining different schools in one painting. However, Expressionism is her main passion as can be seen in many of her paintings. Mona moves easily from pastel to oil pastel, watercolor to oil, gouache to ink. Pastel is the medium that truly exemplifies Mona’s talent in producing her unique colors and shapes. Mona's emphases on design and composition using a full spectrum of color in all her artwork have become her trademark. Mona has exhibited Nationally Throughout Egypt, and internationally in Spain, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Germany,England, United states, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


Art work of Mona Hassan

Mona Hassan is an Egyptian Artist seeks to spread delight through art. Influenced by nature, people and life Mona has nevertheless developed her own distinct brand of abstraction and expressionism, her bold and colorful images are almost contagious—triggering instinctive emotions while continually challenging the viewer to look beyond traditional symbols. Dedicated to self-expression, Mona uses innovative patterns to tell visual stories, synthesizing imagination and reality into semi-conceptual pieces that challenge both the eye and the mind. she is a publisher for an art magazine since 2006. she is preparing to publish her second book.

Lines “Lines”

60x90 pastel 1990



volcano “volcano”

60x80 Oil on canvas 2007

All Abstract “All Abstract”

60x80 Oil on canvas