Location: Italy

In my works nothing is defined, everything is a formation of energy where the matter is in a phase of evolution to unfold itself.
Images like lightning bolts emerge in the night, but the signs are like writings, still to decipher in the future.
Sometimes with patience I create a web and the wefts fall into order, an outbreak of colours, vibrations,
digging in the invisible microscope.
Here this is the mysterious feminine sensibility in which you can get lost.
Other times traces emerge like footprints from past encounters, between the future and the past.

Once again I immerge myself in the green lawns, where I can hear heart beats, in the total harmony of nature.
He who looks should abandon themselves and let themselves be transported by the feelings and therefore is a spiritual expression, through the long evolution of mankind.

The real school for me was the territory in which I grew up, about nine km from Venice,
The bicycle and I were in symbiotic harmony and together
we were free to adventure in the chaotic peasant industrial countryside, in which I immerged myself.

My grandparents had a beautiful house in Venice, with its perfumes and its reflections, a city without time in which I felt the emotion of the Tiziano’s opera, the colours of the Bellini, at this point my encounter with the Pop-Art at the Biennale, the music of the artists of the world and the Art School.