Rosemary Pipitone

Rosemary Pipitone creates luminous images using transparent oil paint on black and white photography. Her original pieces, elegant and surreal, offer a brief escape into dreamy landscapes of intense color and soft light. Ms. Pipitone's technical expertise and enthusiasm for hand-painting black-and-white photos have led to a sponsorship by Marshall's Oils, the leading producer of transparent photo paints. As a Marshall Oil’s Master Artist, Ms. Pipitone leads workshops in photo painting techniques and lends her talent to such exhibits as the Photo Expo trade show.

Ms. Pipitone's favorite subjects include landscapes, seascapes, and still-life. Her stunning original photographs are available in custom-painted limited editions to coordinate with individual decor. Her artwork is on display in private collections in various regions throughout the U.S. and is equally at home in both private and corporate spaces.

Ms. Pipitone, a former Connecticut Yankee, who makes her home in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and two cats. She enjoys traveling and documenting the pockets of magical beauty and tranquility she discovers while exploring her world. She confesses a weakness for "a seat with a view -- or a view with a seat" and, when she stumbles upon either, she sets about creating a visual escape with camera and paintbrush.

Her technique, a painstaking process of applying multiple layers of oil glazes directly to the emulsion of black-and-white photographs, yields a unique, ethereal glow that suggests a summer sunset in the midst of a New England winter. Ms. Pipitone's distinctive style is influenced by the work of Wallace Nutting, Edward Hopper, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Maxfield Parrish, but her perspective and approach are her own.

I Photography Reality; I Paint What I See

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