Cher Shaffer

I am a mixed media painter and maker of dolls and spirit figures.I am self taught.
I have been called a folk artist during my entire career of over 43 years. My work has been shown nationally, and internationally. I have work in over 15 museum, and public collections and in many private collections. My art is in the collections of such people as Oprah Winfrey, Whoopie Goldburg, Rob Reiner, Henry Winkler, Jane Fonda, and many other celebraties.
I have been featured in books on Appalachian art, notably, O'Appalachia, by Millard and Ramona Lampell, Folk Artist of the 20th Century,and many magazine articles. A documentary about my art was aired on the BBC, in the 90's.
I have had 3 retrospective exhibits, and been included in many group and solo exhibitions.

I draw inspiration from my rich and varied heritage of Cherokee Indian, German and Mulengeon ancestorsI spend a lot of time in the natural world observing the animals and plants.My rural upbringing, on a farm in Georgia, and my present home, up a hollow in the North Carolina mountains.afford me with lots of inspiration, and subject matter.My work is both whimsical, and visionary. I paint on canvas,paper, found surfaces, and tin. My dolls are created from natural materials such as clay, cotton, wood, bone, antler, stone,buttons, beads of all descriptions, and instinct.

I am very fortunate to be able to follow my passion, and create what I feel from my heart. Making art is like breathing for me, and I am thankful each day to live and make art.