Kaziah Hacock

What an amazing woman - what an amazing talent - what an amazing heart.

Kaziah's bio begins with,

"In December 1985, Kaziah Hancock stood on the steps of the courthouse in Salt Lake City and yelled, for everyone to hear, "Thank you God, I'm free!" She had no concept of freedom. Born into polygamy 34 years earlier and raised in what she describes as mental chains, it would be another 15 years before she could slough off the shackles off the prison in her mind and begin her journey toward freedom and success."

Reading further here will help you to understand the journey of this wonderful woman who now paints the portraits of our fallen soldiers as a gift of her love, her talent, and her appreciation for what these soldiers and their families have sacrificed for America. http://www.childbrides.org/kaziah.html

After reading the above, you can venture on to a YouTube video telling and showing how this talented woman uses what God has bestowed upon her to make a difference. This is such a touching description of who she is, what she does, and how she blesses the families of fallen soldiers. You will never forget this lady.


She has already painted thousands of portraits for families and is now feeling the financial pinch as she has provided these to the families free of charge. But she is not asking for cash donations; but simply for people to buy her other paintings so that she can continue her work.

See the work she has put up for sale at http://www.kaziahthegoatwoman.com/kaziah.html

At this link, click on the top left hand side to see some of the paintings for sale; but these are by far not her best work. Look at all her work. She has prints of some of her work; but each painting comes already framed. Some of her paintings show a little "skin" so be aware.

She is a true American artist, and a soul surrendered to her talent; and her inspiration is God.


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