Dan Kitchener

Professional animator, motion designer, fine artist, painter and illustrator working in and around London and the south east of England.

From large scale graffiti productions and murals all over the UK and Europe, to stage visual animations for Sir Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Calvin Harris and Kylie Minogue! To illustrating limited edition artwork for legendary UK dance band The Prodigy. Working on projects for Carlsberg, BP, Universal, EMI, Tuborg, Nike, Dephect, as well as numerous bands and solo artists within the music industry!

Portfolio: www.dankitchener.co.uk


Showreel: http://www.dankitchener.co.uk/showreel_autumn2011.mov

Shop: http://dankitchener.bigcartel.com/

Murals and large scale artwork: http://www.epicscaleproductions.co.uk/



Art on canvas

Various artworks on canvas, walls, paper, streets and digitally!

Barcelona Facades - originals on canvas “Barcelona Facades - originals on canvas”

Latest series of canvas works, inspired by the various facades in Barcelona's Gothic quarter

Tokyo Rain - original painting on canvas “Tokyo Rain - original painting on canvas”

Fresh from my studio, 'Tokyo Rain' -
mixed media on canvas
90 x 90cm deep edged box canvas

Mintotaur's Temple “Mintotaur's Temple”

DIgital illustration

ALS_1D canvas original “ALS_1D canvas original”

Multiple hand drawn, hand cut stencils on deep edged box canvas
40 x 40 inches
signed and original

Painted Lady - original on canvas “Painted Lady - original on canvas”

Mixed media on canvas
24 x 24 inches

Tokyo Baby - Original painting on canvas “Tokyo Baby - Original painting on canvas”

Spray paint and acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 inches

Fallen Angel - stencils on card “Fallen Angel - stencils on card”

An original hand painted print
Multiple, hand drawn, cut stencils
on A1 artists card

Various landscape canvas originals “Various landscape canvas originals”

Here's a selection of my latest paintings on canvas

Nude study - original “Nude study - original”

40 x 40 inches
spray paint on canvas

Tokyo Neon - study “Tokyo Neon - study”

24 x 24 inch painted study for larger canvas work

London Eyes “London Eyes”

40 x 40 inches
spray paint on canvas
London Eyes

London Eyes in the studio “London Eyes in the studio”

A commissioned painting of the London Eyes for A21 charity event!

Manhattan Streets “Manhattan Streets”

24 x 12 inches
original painting on canvas

Escape From New York “Escape From New York”

Original painting on large canvas
spray paint and acrylic
60 x 48 inches

New Beginning “New Beginning”

Large scale canvas work
40 x 40 inches
spray pain, acrylic and stencil

Graffiti / Street art

This portfolio contains street work that i have done over the last few years, from large scale graffiti murals, to London street art!

Dragon wall - work in progress “Dragon wall - work in progress”

Showing the scale of one of my latest, and smallest monster walls!

DANK Kreatures

White Cross - street party “White Cross - street party”

C couple of panels i painted at 2012's East London, Whitecross street party

Sclater street - tube tunnel “Sclater street - tube tunnel”

I painted this huge 60ft tube tunnel underneath the Usain Bolt image earlier this year

Sclater street - tube tunnel “Sclater street - tube tunnel”

I painted this huge 60ft tube tunnel underneath the Usain Bolt image earlier this year

Whitecross street party “Whitecross street party”

East London - August 2012

Liquitex spray paint launch “Liquitex spray paint launch”

Painted at Colart HQ in west London to launch their new spray paint , Liquitex!

Tokyo Neon - Brick Lane “Tokyo Neon - Brick Lane”

Tokyo Neon - Brick Lane
Large scale graffiti mural painted at the top of Brick Lane, East London

Exotic Slaughter - graffiti wall “Exotic Slaughter - graffiti wall ”

Painted alongside NOIR, at chelmsford Essex gas works!

Fire Demon - graffiti “Fire Demon - graffiti”

Large monster panels i painted with NOIR, chelmsford Essex

Frieze Festival 2011 “Frieze Festival 2011”

Large mural painted live at the Frieze festival as part of the UPFEST crew!

Meeting Of Styles - London 2011 “Meeting Of Styles - London 2011”

I was invited to paint at the legendary Meeting Of Styles - London 2011, here's my huge bloater Matriarch creature!

Village Underground - Great Eastern ts “Village Underground - Great Eastern ts”

Huge 70ft x 16ft mural i painted alone in one day!!! A monster mission,

Village Underground part 1 “Village Underground part 1”

The first time I painted here, only one panel this time!