Francesco Cafiso

Francesco Cafiso, originally from Catania, Sicily spent most of his youth in Milan, Italy and later in France. There he started his artistic career as a song writer and guitarist.

It was later after an accident while touring Europe that his life changed course. Intrigued by the art of mosaic he returned to Italy to study with the Maestro Tagliatti.

He spent years restoring classic works in Italy and Northern Africa. In 1997 he returned to France where he opened his first gallery with his wife Kristina Della Valle in Evian Les Bains.

Constantly drawn to the reflective and luminescent qualities of glass he started experimenting with reverse painting techniques
and, over time, developed a technique of his own.

It wasn’t long before he was working with enameled glass using light and creating a line of exquisite lamps. It would be these colorful and original jewels for which he would become known.

Collectors from all over the world came to Mille Colori Galleria to purchase his work. You can find his lamps in palaces in Saudi Arabia and private collections throughout Europe and the United States.

Now living in beautiful Hidden Valley lake, Francesco is happy to bring some of his color and joy into your lives.

Most recently adding a collection of Fine Art paintings to the portfolio to create a stunning harmony between his exquisite lamps, mirrors and mosaic work.


COLORI VIVENTI Fine Art Paintings

 Universo “ Universo”

Mixed Media on Canvas - 48" x 48" x 1.5"

 Bolinas “ Bolinas”

Mixed Media on Canvas - 48" x 48' x 1.5"

 Siracusa “ Siracusa”

Mixed Media on Canvas - 48" x36" x 1.5"

 Riflesso “ Riflesso”

Mixed Media on Canvas - 48" x 36" x 1.5"

 Gran Canyon “ Gran Canyon”

48" x 36" x 1.5"