JOHN TURNER, works mainly in larger scale Abstracts, delving into, and blurring the lines with Minimalism, and the Color Field, styles.
TURNER, manipulates raw canvas and string, onto canvas... Along with: acrylic, oil stick, enamel paints, animation acrylics, and recently silver leaf, and 24k gold leaf.
Canvases can have up to 50 layers of paint...
TITLES are simple. The works are anything but... Juxtaposing: shapes, spider like lines, and layer-apon-layer of color, or monochromatic paint, forming shadowy images, and producing a melting dream-like window effect.The final piece, is a heavily manipulated landscape, that plays with: light, form, and color, or lack of color.
PAINTINGS can have one meaning when viewed close, and quite another impression when seen from across a room. (The way sound waves can appear as a thin line, when seen from afar, but when amplified hundreds of times, come across as cavernous).
JOHN TURNER, has Works in private collections from: Princeton, New Jersey, to Los Angles, California.
JOHN TURNER: originally from Montreal, Canada, now lives in the United States, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

*PAINTINGS, should be viewed in person, in order to truly understand their impact, and depth.
APPOINTMENTS, to view works in studio, can be arranged.
(cell) 267 496-7556


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