Johanna Leipold

Johanna Leipold

Location: Austria

Johanna Leipold was born in Munich/Germany on 4thJan.1947. After studying Art Education at Munich and moving to Austria, she also took art classes with F.P.Hofbauer. Johanna Leipold prefers painting acrylics on canvas and focuses on expressive figure paintings. She emphatically employs colors to describe people´s physiognomy and postures. That way she manages to point with a satiric undertone to some idiosyncrasies of the persons portrayed. By isolating the people from their usual surrounding, these idiosyncrasies appear to be even greater. Johanna Leipold can look back on numerous exhibitions in Europe. In 2007and 2008, she successfully presented select works at the Artexpo, and she will participate with Galerie Artodrome in the Artexpo a third time in 2009. (Galerie Artodrome)
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Art Against Every Day Life / Paintings / Oil And Acrylic

My work is characterized by joyful painting experiments on big canvases.
Multiple layering of color fields creates picturesque areas. In these, I see many imaginative designed faces, figures and/or animals. Using graphical means of work, I can intensify and illustrate my cognation to untrained observers too.
That´s fun!

Mother Sun “Mother Sun”

Oil on canvas, 100x150 cm, 2012

Female Weapons “Female Weapons”

From the cycle " Critical Paintings", oil on canvas,90c130 cm_2012

Why do you hurt me? “Why do you hurt me?”

From the cycle "Critical Paintings" , Oil on canvas, 130x100 cm

Terra Incognita / Mare “Terra Incognita / Mare”

From the cycle "Terra Incognita" Acrylic on canvas, 90x110 cm_2012

Terra Incognita / Caelum “Terra Incognita / Caelum”

From the cycle "Terra Incognita", Acrylic on canvas, 100x100 cm, 2012