Cynthia Coulombe Bégin

Cynthia Coulombe Bégin

Location: Canada

Cynthia Coulombe Bégin (1984-) Painter - Canada

Cynthia Coulombe Bégin was born in Miami in 1984 and moved to Canada at a very young age. In 2006, she obtained a BFA from Laval University in Quebec City. This young artist has experienced, over time, great influence from the arts. Her works feature close-up parts of the body, especially mouths and eyes, done in a chiaroscuro style with high contrast, and vibrant colour. The abstract universe that surrounds the subject, is comprised of gestural drippings that create the effect of movement. The works of Cynthia Coulombe Bégin are full of symbolism and eroticism.
She has participated in many live painting events in Florida and Quebec and showcases works in numerous private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil and Australia.

My desire is to present an image that explores the quest for identity, the movement of invisible energies, and the marriage of mind and body set in an explosive universe, highlighting the beauty and vulnerability of our existence.