Eunah Cho

Eunah  Cho

Location: Canada

Eunah Cho is an abstract artist.
She works with oriental ink, pigment and acrylic with
mixed media on ‘hanji’ paper.
(‘Hanji’ is a Korean traditional handmade paper).
She graduated from B.F.A, M.F.A. and Kyunghee University of Art in South Korea.
She worked and taught at a university in South Korea for more than 15 years.
She moved to Canada and presented her works in her studio in North of Toronto.
She had 8 Solo Exhibitions(Seoul,Toronto,etc.)
and was over 150 times selected for exhibitions.

2014 The Artist Project Art Fair(Toronto)
2013 Art Toronto International Art Fair (Toronto)
2009 Toronto Art Expo (Toronto)
2009 Zurich International Art Fair (Zurich)
2008 Toronto Art Expo (Toronto)
2007 New York Art Expo (New York)

There are many of her art works collected in South Korea, Canada and abroad.
Her artwork can be viewed on her website
or by making an appointment with her.