Kerry Milligan

Kerry Milligan

Location: Canada

Kerry Milligan graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts degree (Sociology) and later completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Visual Communications Design.

She has previously exhibited her work at the Ottawa Art Gallery (Art Rental and Sales), Manulife Place, Edmonton City Hall, Johnson Gallery, and the Solaris Gallery in New Jersey. In 2006, Kerry exhibited her work at the St. Albert Profiles Public Gallery in a group exhibition called "Colorscapes". She also participated in the city "Art Walks", exhibiting work at the St.Thomas Cafe and The Coffee Cup Cafe in St.Albert, Alberta.

Madison Area Technical College in Wisconsin has purchased two oil landscape paintings for their collection.

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Venetian Mask Series

The Venetian mask paintings are my most recent works, available in oil or acrylic on canvas. The beautiful textures, colors, shapes of the Venetian masks and carnival costumes inspired me to begin this series. These are my portrait style images bringing focus to the eyes to emphasize mystery and intrigue.

Bellezza Rosso “Bellezza Rosso”

Celebrating the Venetian Carnival Italy. Portraying the mystery of the persona behind the mask.