Sivkova Maria

I started my Art Education at the age of 11 (in 2005) at Novomoskovsk Art Courses for children. There I studied painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative art, history of arts. Then (in 2009) I went to Art College in Ryazan. There I studied painting, drawing, history of arts, photography, draughting, perspective, graphic design and computer graphic, technic of painting, theory of colour. I also took part in many Art Competitions in my country. I am 5 year student of this College. In 2014 I entered Moscow State Arts and Applied Arts Academy named after S/ G/ Stroganov. There I study work with mosaic and wall painting. Also I work as a curator/


Maria Sivkova

I am young perspective Russian artist

A town near the sea “A town near the sea”

These series of pictures is about summer at the resort town. Sketches for this art work were painted in Ukrainian town Yalta of Crimea Region. It lies on the coast of Black Sea. The left and the right picture look like the concrete places of Yalta Embankment. But the place is not the main point in picture. The main things are extremely hot sun, blue of sea, colorfulness.It is hard to identify the genre of pictures. It is not the genre scene, nor a landscape. There are a lot of photographic moments: the composition and strong foreshortenings. The beach and people curdled in admiration of the world around. People go to resort for rest and admiration of the nature around. People look tired of scorching sunlight. People have no personal characteristics. But the figures take much place in composition. People do nothing. I find unusual recurs. I want to accent unusual and brightness and dynamics of the situation

Yelow leaves “Yelow leaves”

In autumn leaves of trees are beautiful, but they look dramatic

Still-life with brushes and tubes “Still-life with brushes and tubes”

It is a still-life with atributes of an artist

Still-life with grapes “Still-life with grapes”

I wanted to paint it impressionistic to show freshness of this composition.

Nude model drawing

Drawing of nude model is very important for my development as an artist.

Sketchers “Sketchers”

Good drawing is impossible without sketching

Short sketchers “Short sketchers”

These sketchers take less than 5 minutes.


I think mosaic can be extremely various - from classical Roman one to contemporary art experiments with different materials. But every time it saves a piece of author.

Arabic motives ?3 “Arabic motives ?3”

This one mosaic was made of ceramic tile and texture color. There I depict shapes destructed like a pomegranates' grains on a white plate, or if you like it more, on snow. As for me it is a symbol of weak, unsafity, lolyness of women.

Usual breakfast “Usual breakfast”

A small breakfast of a small man, who eat alone and his morning starts from that...