Mary Hood

Mary Hood’s practice focuses on Silence, Time and Space, Identity and experience has been exhibited widely throughout the world including the International Print Center, NYC, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, Blue Star Art Complex, TX, LaGrange Art Museum, GA, Loyola University Chicago, IL, Kasene Kulturcenter, Denmark, Contemporary Art Projects, Bulgaria, VACA Cultural Association, Italy, Polytechnic Institute of Technology, New Zealand, Pont Aven School for Contemporary Art, France, Alexandria Bibliotheca, Egypt, and the Estonia National Library, Estonia.

Mary Hood, originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is currently an associate professor of art/printmaking at Arizona State University. As part of her teaching philosophy, Mary uses printmaking to focus on community-affiliated projects such as RIPPLE (2005), for Katrina evacuees in Arizona, DITTO (2006), a public art project, and Map(ing) (2009/2011), a collaborative project between Native artists and ASU graduate students. Mary is the recipient of numerous residencies, publications, and awards for her work including the 2008 Faculty Achievement Award and the 2006 Award for Public Scholarship.



series of eight images each
18 x 22"

The prints from this series are an extension of the Ten Thousand Tears print series, in the fact that they are using my fingerprints as a representation of water. But this time I feel that the "water" is more representative of our human presence on the earth, slowly eroding a path for our existence, leaving canyons and valleys in our wake. The spill over into the larger "pool" is more representative of time, and
the pool is our collective unconsciousness.

The process is a combination of inkjet printing from digital photographs from Red Rock National Monument in Nevada and monotypes.The sky blends and rock "details" are overprinted on the inkjet layer, giving the print a bit more depth and texture. The final layer is the relief fingerprint layer, in three colors.
There is a variable edition of three, of which one full set is available.

Ten  Thousand Tears “Ten Thousand Tears”

42 x 96"
inkjet on silk with intaglio and relief