Kansas Native Jordan E. Brooks may not be a big name yet, but give it time! He has been influenced by such a wide variety of art ranging from Fine classical of 1600s, to Masters like Goya, Picasso, Basquiat, Duchamp all the way to the comic books styling’s greats of the 90’s like Jim lee, and Todd Macfarlen. Born and raised in Kansas, Jordan spent much of his life between Topeka and Lawrence city. Following his mother, he picked up a pencil at the age 3 and half and never stopped! But art hasn’t always been so clear for him. A once raw source of creativity has found guidance as a now aspiring student illustrator enrolled in Academy of Art of San Francisco. Gaining confidence, Jordan E. Brooks launched his own creative platform. Jordan’s website has allowed him to display his own mix of the academic design with modern, conceptual, provocative thought drive. It has allowed him to capture national& international attention. In 2013 Jordan is very confident from making a strong impression in New York City during Art fair month. He has been inspired by massive feedback from his first International Group (Power of Perception) exhibition in Historical Harlem, New York city. Jordan E. Brooks is hard at work to meet the increasing demand for creative drawings and painted canvases with expressive social messages. Please keep tuned, the best is yet to come!:)


Art work by J.E.B.

(Acrylic on Bristol paper,11x18 in.) 2012

The beginning of the End is the beginning “The beginning of the End is the beginning”

Acrylic on canvas,24x36in.(2013)

But no key “But no key”

Charcoal,Graphite, and Color pencil on cotton paper (24x18in.) 2013


Acrylic on canvas,24x36in. (2012)