Norma Jean Squires

Born in Toronto, Canada, Norma Jean Squires is an artist/writer who has exhibited nationally and internationally. Recent exhibition venues include: Nagasaki Museum, Japan; Pyong Taek City, Korea; Chonburi University, Bangkok, Thailand; Museo del Puerto, Ensenada, Mexico; The Fine Art Museum, Yeveran , Armenia, and Atelier Gronard, Paris, France. Her work is in such public collections as Sterling Forest Gardens, NYC; Warner Brothers Records, Burbank; City Investing, NYC; Seimans Pacesetter Systems, L. A. CA; The Redwood City Public Library, CA: The Perkins Building, Glendale, CA: The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA; Chateau Des Reaux, France, et al.
A collaboration for a book titled "Poem into Life" features a suite of paintings illustrating the poem and was published by XLibris in 2010. Her work for "I Am a Picture Book", one of several children's books that she has illustrated was presented on KCET's "Summer Faire".
Her B.F.A. is from The Cooper Union in New York City and her Master's degree from California State University, Northridge.


Line Travels

My earlier work investigated what technology has discovered in microcosmic/macrocosmic exploration. Recent work has segued into more celebratory stances, a concession perhaps to a 12-year involvement with Spanish dance. Flamenco is a discipline that incorporates spins, spirals and swirls that are metaphorical for the motions of particles and galaxies. So my perceptions of the rhythms and energies of inner/outer space have been re-designed to offer a glimpse of of one of the multiple interconnections linking us to these other worlds.

The media used in these pieces include metallic and interference paints. This is not always apparent in photos because they rely on light sources to be seen. They are, however, effective because as with any reflective element, another dimension is brought into play.
NOTE: the first painting in this group is a sample of one of my cosmic paintings, a multi-paneled piece, a fantasy narrative (to be read like a comic strip - across and down) about an sequence of events that occurs when a meteor strikes some outer world (leading up to the explosion and its denouement). There are 16 panels, 22"x22" each. 94"x94" installed.
MEDIA: Acrylic, Micaceous iron oxiide and Flashe on canvas.

"Rainglow"....with detail “"Rainglow"....with detail”

30"x18", Acrylic and interference paint on wood panel. Detail indicates that the 2" side is also painted.


20"x18" Acrylic and interference paint on wood panel.

"Synergies" “"Synergies"”

24"x24" Acrylic and interference paints on wood panel.

"Roundabout" “"Roundabout"”

20"x16" Acrylic and interference paints on wood panel. There is a collaged metallic ring at the top right side.

"Genesis" “"Genesis"”

30"x24", Acrylic with metallic paints on wood panel.

"Nth Degrees" “"Nth Degrees"”

24"x24" Acrylic, interference paints on wood panel. There are 2 collaged elements: a small silver stud (upper right) and a black ring (at the left to center bottom).

"Aerobatics" “"Aerobatics"”

24"x24", Acrylic, interference and metallics on wood panel

"Nexus" “"Nexus"”

16"x16", Acrylic and interference paints on wood panel.

"B" “"B"”

8"x10" Acrylic and interference white on wood panel.

"D" “"D"”

10"x10" Acrylic and interference paints on wood panel.

"Wave/Particle" “"Wave/Particle"”

24"x24" Acrylic and interference white on wood panel.