Sozi Constantinidou

Sozi Constantinidou

Location: Cyprus

Sozi Constantinidou is a Cypriot artist based in Cyprus. She was born in Paphos in 1990. She studied BA Hons Fine Art with full scholarship at the University of Bedfordshire, Luton, UK (2008-2011). Additionally, she took short Courses in Art Criticism and Collecting Contemporary Art in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London, UK (2011). Moreover, with her return in Cyprus she did a seminar "The child's drawing of family as a means of communication with the child" at the Systemic Institute of Cyprus (2011). Lastly, since November 2011 she writes art articles in the local weekly newspaper of Paphos “Adesmeftos” and occasionally at “Prestige” Magazine of Paphos.
Sozi participated in group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, UK, and she participated in the International Painting Biennale of Moldova 2013. Her work was selected to continue to the International Painting Biennale of Cotroceni National Museum, Romania 2013 (80 artists were selected from the Biennale of Moldova). Additionally, she was selected to the International Biennale of Contemporary Art "Ethics DNA of Art" of Florence, Italy 2013.


Art Works

Sozi considers Art as a way of life which through it the artist express herself, her emotions and ideas. It is a way of communication with our inner self but with the surrounding environment as well. Her work searches answers on human existence and psychology. How the emotions of the painter can affect her work and how this work can affect the viewer? How the colour can change a piece work and make it look like something completely different? Through the creation of layers, transparency, the use of mark-making, the drops, the various forms and shapes and the use of other techniques, she examines the changes into a piece of work in relation with the mood swings we experience in everyday life. Thus, with her work, she is aiming to pass humanitarian and political messages, capture the mood the time of creation and to pass the message that the world of Art is worth of respect and appreciation; …as it was mentioned before Art is a way of life.