Jayanta Ghosal

jayanta ghosal




Date of birth : 2nd July 1967

Address : 205/1 Santosh Roy Road Kol-700008

Academic Qualification : Graduate from Calcutta University in
1988, Studied paintings since

Occupation: Professional painter

Solo Exhibitions : Calcutta Information Center (1995)
Asutosh Birth Centenary Hall (1997)
Academy of Fine Arts (1997)
AIFACS, New Delhi (1999)
Chemould Art Gallery (2008)

Participation and Group Exh. : Exhibition of Paintings on Calcutta’s
300 year Anniversary (1992)

Exhibition depicted on Swami Vivekananda’s 100year of Chicago congregation lectures in (1993), Calcutta Information center (1996) DUET, Academy of Fine Arts, 1997,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003, attended “Art of work” sponsored by Rotary Club of Rabindra Sarobar in the year of 1997, Lalit Kala Academy, Chennai 1998 Genesis Art Foundation Chennai 1998, Birla Academy of Art and Culture 1999, attended Montamartre “Art Workshop” 25 years of Calcutta Book Fair organized by Publishers & Booksellers Guild, Birla Academy for Art & Culture in the year 2000, Groups sponsored by Abstract Lion (member of fine art trade guild, London,U.K .Participated at the Academy of Fine Arts in the year 2000 organised by Publisher & Booksellers Guild Kolkata, invited artiste at annual open air exhibition organized by Birla Academy of Art & Culture in the year 2000. Selected in 14th Rajya Charukala annual Exhibition, 2009.
Shree Art Gallery, Kolkata 2012,
Rochester Contemporary Art Center
137 East Avenue (between Scio & Gibbs Sts)
Rochester, NY 14604 (2012)

PUBLICATION : Jayanta Ghosal, “THE PEN PORTRAIT OF A PAINTER”, written by Sandip Sarkar published by Anjali Prakashani

COLLECTIONS: Different place in India, Germany, Australia, New York, Belgium, Thailand Consulate General Calcutta, Switzerland Consulate General Calcutta, Genesis Art Foundation Chennai, Member of “REVEAL”

VISIT: www.jayantaghosalpainter.blogspot.com

E MAIL; jghosal_jghosal@yahoo.com

Ph. No. 9432317367/24074868


About my paintings

From childhood he had shown an inclination to draw and paint. He joined a group and had solo expositions in Calcutta, Chennai, and New Delhi. He is a prolific painter. He went through a period of neo-classical delineation and slowly arrived at an almost semi-abstract formalism.Gradually the figurative world took on an non-figurative tone and began a frenzied dance.On the verge of disappearing the figures seemed to return with thick binding lines. In stages, colours in contrast, began to pick up their assertive value. There is sometime a rupture. Bang! everything seems to explode. The dissolved figures have a way of returning to the surface. There are times when the lucidity and rhythm of colours dominate. In another series the luminosity of hues define the linear movement in twists and turns. The world of phenomena seems to vanish and then reappear. He is more interested in the awareness of objects, rather than their exactness of shape, the music that is in built in them. The art of his generation is in a sense, subversive. It rejects 20th century modern and post modern tendencies. They are heralding the art of the future-the 21st