Mistral Fdb

Mistral FDB

Location: Italy

Francesca De Bartolo in art Mistral was born in Calabria,Italy.
His passion and talent for art to address the extensive art studies.
The talent and maturity professionaleventennale, simultaneously embracing different forms of art, from drawing to painting,
with hints of a classic taste that is combined with a contemporary edge.
Its formation is mainly in the land where figurative painting developed a style in which all staff are unable to give a striking and disturbing fascination wrapping so the 'attentive audience.
For his precocious genius since 1989 has to his credit numerous exhibitions and participation in events, fairs, competitions and is present in the directories d 'Arte Moderna.
He currently lives and works in Rome receiving wide acclaim from critics and audiences and winning awards of merit International
Publishing Acca in Arts Yearbook of Modern Art