Roula Chreim

Roula Chreim


Internationally- acclaimed Lebanese artist and curator Roula Chreim explains that between extensive traveling in her previous career, and being displaced after her house was destroyed, ''home'' has become a crucial place and idea in her life and work.

As a young artist, she began painting small houses and meadows from her former inspiring town, Salhieh. She has started panting at the age of four, with a great support from her parents and art teachers.

Roula has graduated in fashion design, and worked as a senior flight attendant for ten years.

Throughout her life, Roula has visited more than 138 cities and communities in 37 different countries. This gave her the opportunity to blend with the local cultures and explore the origins of the ART they produce. Accordingly, many of her mixed-media canvas, which frequently incorporate objects found during her extensive travels, portray homes, or inhabitants of other cultures. She paints her figures, interior scenes and cityscapes with an aesthetic that evokes both Symbolism and German Expressionism with hints of Abstraction, and retains many unique characteristics, such as a preference for abstract human figures, buildings and balanced compositions.

Roula's passion for colors is reflected in her art. Each of her Abstract works has a sublime quality and exudes sensuous, romantic composure along with compelling passion. Collectively, her contemporary works are vivid, expressionist paintings that communicate profound feelings to the viewer.

Roula paints on wood, canvas, murals and metal, using oil, acrylic paint and mixed media. She has exhibited in Lebanon and abroad in solo and group exhibitions.


I'll Be Waiting

The show is over, she's sitting there waiting for her beloved to greet her....