Fariba Abedin

Fariba Abedin is an Iranian American artist. Fariba attended Massachussetts College of Art, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in architecture. She continued her education at The Connecticut State University, where she was awarded a Master of Science in Education.

Fariba’s work explores geometric abstraction with an emphasis on color study, where color and form become the subjects. In some of her paintings a simple concept such as the color wheel is transformed into an intriguing and complex design. She incorporates a variety of color combinations and their tints, shades, and tones to create the illusion of volume, space, vibration, and transparency. She works on canvas, wood panel, plexiglass and makes installations of multiple pieces creating unique displays.

Fariba Abedin’s multicultural background becomes more visible in some of her paintings that combine calligraphy and geometric abstraction in a distinct way. Fariba’s new body of work is an extensive study of Islamic geometry.

Fariba has been nominated as top 5 artists to watch in 2014 by Houston Magazine, and currently lives and works in Houston, TX. She displays her art at the Spring Street Studios in Houston.
website www.FaribaAbedin.com