George Palovich

I've been involved in Art for nearly 60 years as a ceramist, printmaker, painter and teacher. I also worked for West Valley Art Museum in Arizona for twenty years, mostly as Curator.



While babysitting two of our daughter's cats for a year and a half, I was inspired to create a series of paintings of them. I named the series "The Adventures of the Calico Queen and the One Eyed Silver Devil.

The One Eyed Silver Devil, King of Persia “The One Eyed Silver Devil, King of Persia”

Oil, 24 x 18, is the first painting I did of his nibs. Generally likable and friendly, he can have his moments. He has bitten me once. I enjoyed playing him off against the Persian rug design. $600

The Calico Queen, Up Close and Personal “The Calico Queen, Up Close and Personal”

Oil, 22 x 28 inches, this painting was the first painted of her majesty. She is extremely gentle and always pursued by the Silver Devil. She, however, gives him short shrift. $600

The One Eyed Silver Devil Steals A Kiss “The One Eyed Silver Devil Steals A Kiss”

Oil, 22 x 28. The Silver Devil never tires of pursuing his ladyship. While she was asleep, he stole a kiss. $700

The One Eyed Silver Devil Basks “The One Eyed Silver Devil Basks”

Oil, 19 x 25. A nice warm spot in front of the window is the best place to catch a nap. Not a care in the world for this contented feline. $650

The Calico Queen Contemplates “The Calico Queen Contemplates”

Oil, 11 x x14. Her majesty seems deep in thought. Perhaps planning the next encounter with the Silver Devil. $200

Calico Queen In A Circle “Calico Queen In A Circle”

Oil, 16 inch diameter on gallery wrap canvas (no frame). A little different format combining the cat with a pattern. Nice decorative piece for the right room. $400

The One Eyed Silver Devil In A Circle “The One Eyed Silver Devil In A Circle”

Oil, 16 inches in diameter on gallery wrap canvas (no frame). The Silver Devil depicted on a round format against a rug like pattern. $400

The One Eyed Silver Devil Curls Up For A Nap “The One Eyed Silver Devil Curls Up For A Nap”

Oil, 12 x 16 framed. The Silver Devil finds a comfortable spot on an elaborately decorated pillowcase. NFS

The Doll Series

A number of years ago, my wife, Jan, made a series of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls sewing them with hearts and the names of the recipients for our daughters. Then she added the grandchildren and a son-in-law, a family friend and me. When she did mine, she clothed him in my cargo pants and a ponytail and thus he became "Raggedy Me". I started using him in a new series of paintings of which I have completed eight. There will be many more.

Drinking Alone “Drinking Alone”

This was the first painting to start off this series. I don't drink. So don't attach any dark meaning to this. But it has been interpreted as a social commentary. It could also be a statement about loss of childhood innocence. All interpretations are welcome.

Drinking Buddies “Drinking Buddies”

My youngest daughter became concerned when she saw this painting, thinking there was some tragic secret behind it. I told her: "Sometimes a skeleton is just a skeleton; nothing more."

Note Worthy “Note Worthy”

Raggedy me is playing the dulcimer.

Spinning Enchantment “Spinning Enchantment”

A young woman sits before the spinning wheel, her basket of new yarns behind her and she is watched by the doll.

Dad's Dilemma “Dad's Dilemma”

This is actually a portrait of my father. He wanted his son to be a baseball player. He got an artist instead.

Mom's Meeting “Mom's Meeting”

Our doll friend goes back in time to meet his mother when she is a child. She sits in a photographer's studio on a smiling moon and he joins her for the photo opportunity. The peeling paint on the moon expresses the passage of time. Mom's gone now but the memory remains.

Family Ties “Family Ties”

The doll travels in time to join his father in a family photo. Grandma, Grandpa and Grand Uncle are there. Everyone wears a tie.

Sally and Friends “Sally and Friends”

Our dog Sally likes soft friends. Sometimes she carries them around in her mouth. But always very gently.

The Time Lord “The Time Lord”

The doll is pictured sitting next to three wrist watches. The painting is a nod to the famous English television series "Dr. Who". A portrait of the artist hangs on the wall.

Flowered Figures

From my earliest training as an artist I have enjoyed drawing the human figure from life. I have taught figure drawing in college as well as many venues. In 2007 I embarked on a series of paintings utilizing my figure studies in paintings with collaged flowers covering them. Early paintings modeled the figure in glazes over the patterns created on computer from real flower photos. A brief homage to great painters was part of the series. The paintings evolved into a few that were entirely painted and finally back into a more flat decorative interpretation.

Flowered Elyn “Flowered Elyn”

As in most of the series, this is based on a pose drawn during sessions with the model at our studio.

Melissa On Red “Melissa On Red”

Melissa has worked for the studio for nearly nine years.

Longing “Longing”

This could be titled "Melissa wants to join the circus", as the window is actually another collaged in area using a photo I took of a local circus.

Homage to Rubens “Homage to Rubens”

I shifted the series to homages to great figure painters using their compositions as a foil for the flowered figures.

Homage to Rembrandt “Homage to Rembrandt”

Rembrandt was a favorite one to do. This one and the Rubens both won awards in a local exhibit.

Melissa Dreamed She Was A Mayan Goddess “Melissa Dreamed She Was A Mayan Goddess”

This is an example of the paintings without collage that were entirely painted.

Lisa's Moon “Lisa's Moon”

An example from the latest part of the series. The new paintings are more decorative.


I learned how to do relief printing as early as High School from my teacher, Clayton Walker. I have continued to do them periodically for over 50 years.

Self Portrait “Self Portrait”

Created first as a drawing, the image was strengthened for the woodcut. 18" x 11 1/2"

Fortune Forsythia “Fortune Forsythia”

Also a much older print from 1970 - 10 1/2" x 6".

July Nude “July Nude”

Part of a series of prints using the nude figure.7 1/2" x 11" All the print editions are 20 prints or less. There were 20 in this one and I have sold three.

Sita On Redwood “Sita On Redwood”

13 1/2" x 10 1/4" printed on Japanese paper; just 10 in the edition.

Waiting For Goldie “Waiting For Goldie”

A tribute portrait of two wonderful dogs we had several years ago. They have passed away but this woodcut honors their lives.Their names were Duchess and Goldie. The red and yellow design represents the setting sun, their journeys at an end.

Melissa Asleep “Melissa Asleep”

This is not just a wood block print alone, but uses digital printing for the flower pattern on the figure combined with woodcut. 8" x 10"

Clenched Sleep “Clenched Sleep”

This woodcut is based on a drawing done during a Life Drawing session at a local community college. 9 1/2" x 9 1/2", edition of 20.

Lisa Circle “Lisa Circle”

Another image that started in a life drawing session and adapted to a circular designed woodcut. 16" diameter

Sita On Blue “Sita On Blue”

This woodcut precedes "Sita On Redwood" but is the same model for the original drawing. This was a larger block, being 17 1/2" x 23".

The Poet “The Poet”

This is a portrait of my longtime friend, Herbert Woodward Martin, a poet of enormous stature and ability. Words from his book of poems titled "The Log of the Vigilante" are in the background. 17" x 11". edition of 10.