Liubov Brizhatiuk

Liubov Brizhatiuk
Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Liubov is a fine art sculptor and painter specializing in Impressionism, Surrealism and Expressionism. As a child, she sculpted in the studio of her father, the illustrious Ukranian sculptor Viacheslav Brizhatiuk, but her real love is painting. Starting at age 13 she participated in the Ukranian National Art Concourses. Liubov’s paintings represented the Soviet Union in the International Art Exposition in Czechoslovakia and Japan. At age 16, she left home to study painting at the renowned Kharkov State Academy of Arts and Design in Ukraine where she was enrolled in the gifted child program. She celebrated her 20th birthday with her first professional appointment at the Union Artists Guild of Ukraine in their Design Department. In just three short years she advanced from Decorator/Design Creator to Project Manager.
In 1984 Liubov married a foreign student from Colombia, South America and one year later they relocated to Bogota, Colombia. Being unknown in Colombia, she had to start from the bottom. Her challenge was learning to speak Spanish while taking care of her two young children, and to do so while continuing her painting career. Liubov’s spirit and love of painting led to her and a group of other artists in creating the Artists Union of Bogotá. Working with local politicians, they won a contract decorating and designing the Plastic’s Art in Suba Borough Hall and later managed several large art projects for the city. The tragic untimely death of Luba’s husband forced her and her two teenage children to quickly relocate to the United States..
In the United States since 2000, Liubov has worked in the Home Health Care Services industry where she started as a Staff Coordinator and advanced to Project Manager. She dedicated most of her free time to landscape painting. In 2006 with a stable job and grown children, she thought she can finally start to enjoy the life, travel, paint and live her dreams. However, destiny once more stabbed her in the back when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, few years later, as a cancer survivor, she lives by this philosophy: “I want to tell to everybody if life gives me second opportunity to live, I will always have a paint brush in my hand, this is my true vocation and happiness.”


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Art Expositions in USA
2017 Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition / BWAC
2017 Art exhibition Southampton, NY
2016 BRIC /BAM Art exhibition
Solo exhibition at Gallery-Bar, Brooklyn, NY
Exhibition at Conference Center of Maimonides Med. Center, Brooklyn, NY
Fence Show, LI Museum.
2014 Pictorial mural at Education Center, Queens, NY
2013 Solo exhibition, Sapphire Lounge, Manhattan, NY
2012 “Go Brooklyn” open studio exposition-event, Brooklyn, NY
Amarin Café, Solo exhibition, New York, NY.
2011-12 “11th - 12th Annual WAH Salon Art Club Show”, Williamsburg Historical & Art Center, NY
2011 MORA museum, Art show, NJ
“Hidden Cities”, Women’s Causus for Art.
Butterfly Art Gallery, Red Bank, NJ; participant in the exposition.
2010 Solo exhibition at Wilkes Gallery, Northport, NY
2009 “Community Art Contest”, Mount Sinai, Queens, NY, Silver level.
2008 – 2009 KZ Auction Gallery, Brooklyn, NY.

Art Expositions In Colombia, South America.

1999 “Form and color” Gallery. Exposition and auction. Bogotá.
1999 “San Francisco De Asis” exposition and auction. Bogotá.
1999 Permanent exposition at “Sixtine Chapella” and “Arykanda” Galleries.
1998 Second Bi-Annual Art exposition of “Suba Boro”. Bogotá.
1998 Permanent participant in the exposition of “Arykanda and Piramides” Art Gallery. Bogotá.
1997 Exposition and sale of arts in Belgium, Europe.
1996 Fresco at San Blas Hospital. Bogotá.
1996 Contracted by the city of Bogotá to create monumental posters for Colombian national holidays. This included personal performance and installation.
1996 Permanent exposition and sale at “Arykanda” and “Van Gogh” Galleries.
1995 Permanent exposition and sale at “Van Gogh”, “Sixtine Chapella”, “Arykanda” and “Modern Art” Galleries. Bogotá.
1995 “The End of The Year” exposition at City Hall of Suba. Bogotá.
1995 “Anniversary of Firemen of Bogotá” exposition at City Hall of Suba.
1995 “Creation of The World” sculpture mural bas-relief at Education Center of Tibabuyes, Bogotá representing the indigenous culture of Colombia.
1994 “Expocultura ‘94” International Fair. Bogotá.
1994 “150’s Anniversary of Police” exposition. City Hall of Suba. Bogotá.
1994 Art exposition at “Colombo – French alliance” cultural center. Bogotá.
1994 Permanent expositions and sale at “Caflo”, “Van Gogh”, “Sixtine Chapella” and “Arykanda” Galleries. Bogotá.
1993 “Pictorial Art of Liubov Brizhatiuk, artist of Ukraine” exposition at “Rene Degas” Art Gallery. Bogotá.
1993 Permanent exposition and sale at “Sixtine Chapella” and “Van Gogh” Galleries. Bogotá.
1992 Decoration of “Andes Carne De Res” restaurant. Fresco. Size of 3 by 85 meters. Chia. Colombia.
1992 Exposition “ExpoArt” at “Black Tulip” Gallery. Bogotá.
1992 “Angels” exposition at “Modern Art” Gallery. Bogota.
1991 Personal exposition at “Piramides” Art Gallery
1991 International exposition “Expo Artesanias ‘91

Additional Information of Colombian Period.

- sold her paintings to private collections in France, Switzerland, Belgium, China, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela and the United States
- Represented plastic art in the Union of Artists of Bogotá. and was an initiator of this Union
- worked on many different art projects sponsored by the city of Bogotá and performed by the Union of Artists (Union of Artists became ‘Art Administration of Colombia-1998)
- Organizes many Art Expositions in the City Hall of Bogotá.

Art Expositions in Soviet Union.

1981 – 1985 Worked in Ukrainian Fond of Painters.
1982 – 1984 Decorations for central pavilion of National Economy Exposition of Ukraine.
1984 Decorations for Department of Bacterial Medicine of Medical University. Kiev, Ukraine.
1983 Decoration of exposition “Economical Economy “. Obukhov, Ukraine.
1982 Decorations for V.I. Lenin museum in Kiev, Ukraine.
1980 International Art Exposition in Sweden.
1979 International Exposition of Graphics in Finland.
1977 – 1981 Students’ competitions of Kharkov Art University.
1976 “Painters for the Peace” International Art Exposition of Young Painters. Sweden.
1975 International Art Exposition of Young Painters. Czechoslovakia.
1974 International water-color Exposition of young painters. Japan.
1972 – 1975 National Exposition of Young Painters of Ukraine.

Rewards and Achievements.

1984 Recognition for new style decoration of department of Biology at Kiev Medical University. Ukraine.
1983 Recognition for high quality decoration work of “Economy Economical” exposition.
1982 Recognition of the best decorator at V.I. Lenin museum. Kiev, Ukraine.
1980 Third place in Painters’ Competition of the Ukrainian students. Kharkov, Ukraine.

Note: The first three achievements were counted for advancement from Decorator and
Design Creator to Project Manager in Art Design.


1977 – 1981 Art University of Ukraine. Kharkov, Ukraine.
1975 – 1977 Studied at workshop of the painter, Anatoly Postajuk. Kiev, Ukraine.
1974 – 1975 Children Art School. Kiev, Ukraine.
1971 – 1974 Child’s Art Studio at DSHK. Kiev, Ukraine.
1965 – 1981 Studio of monumental sculptor Viacheslav Brizhatiuk.



Art masterpieces of Liubov Brizhatiuk, recognized in art stiles as New Impressionist, Expressionist and Surrealist.

Personality “Personality ”

Technique: acrylic on wood
Size: 12” x 12”
Year: 2018
Art for sale

Joker in the city “Joker in the city ”

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 18” x 24”
Year: 2018
Art for sale

Still life with fish “Still life with fish”

Technique: oil on canvas
Size: 18” x 24”
Art for sale

Woman in balance “Woman in balance ”

Technique: acrylic on paper over wood board
Size: 36” x 42”
Year: 2018
Art for sale

Mask 2 “Mask 2”

Technique: oil on wood
Size: 2” x 2”
Year: 2018
Art for sale

Aurora “Aurora ”

Technique: acrylic on canvas
Size: 20” x 16”
Year: 2018
Art for sale