I am a graphite/pencil artist who enjoys challenges in black and white photo realism art. I have been inspired by photo realism since childhood, and have drawn animals, people, landscapes, waterscapes , and architecture for over twenty five years. I still enjoy learning new things about my craft, knowing I may never learn everything, as even a master knows only what he hasn't learned.


pencil defined

These are my efforts in recent months. As I try new techniques, I try to apply them to what think are unique images.

The Del “The Del”

The Del Coronado Hotel

Soldier “Soldier”

I chose the soldier because of the look on his face primarily. He has a plethora of emotions and traffic etched in his features. I see stress, anger, motivation, interest, wonder, exhaustion, hope, sadness, and uncertainty. He is scared, but determined by his mission, the why, the frustration, and the strain of which is in his eyes. His weapon is at the ready, his posture is alert, he is ready for anything, and he has seen horrors of every denomination in recent past. But he is exhausted, his weapon heavy, adrenaline is the only thing keeping him alive. I saw all of this the instant I laid eyes on the picture, but it took the entire time I worked on this peace to fully appreciate every aspect of the emotions brought upon me by studying it. The raw quality of war, the fact that most never actually see what this man has witnessed made this piece very powerful to me.

True Lies “True Lies”

One of my favorite scenes from the film.