Dean S. Warren

Former Artist Preparator (retired), The Walt Disney Company, grantee from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

Informal Education: Crealde School of Art, Winter Park, Florida
Formal Education: MFA

Flash Art Italia magazine estate 1999,2000, agosto-settembre 2001, 2002, video CNN World View ACTV, Italy December 26, 2009 (art featured in video).

Motivated by tribal impulses he assigns quixotic cultural identities to his art. He can evoke emotion in his art by engaging the imagination of viewers.


Helmets For The Ages


Sphinx “Sphinx”

Original bronze sculpture 2002, Orlando Furioso Show Postart Gallery Milan, Italy

Iron Man “Iron Man”

2014 Mixed Media Lake Eustis Museum of Art

Scarab “Scarab”

Original bronze sculpture 2002 - Orlando Furioso - POSTART GALLERY Milan

Bone Picker “Bone Picker”

2002 Galleria Blanchaert Milano

Armadillo “Armadillo”

2002 LO STUDIO D'ARS mostra "LO ZOO METROPOLITANO" Milano,Italia

Winged Warrior “Winged Warrior”

2000 Solo Show, Studio D'Ars Milan,Italy

For The Ages “For The Ages”

Solo Show at Studio D'Ars Milan, Italy

Attila “Attila”

Mixed Media - Banca Popolare di Milano 2001

Retrosphere “Retrosphere”

Mixed Media 2000

Dean Warren “Dean Warren”

Pouring bronze at Crealde School of Art with David Cumbie

Hannibal “Hannibal”

Mixed media, 2002