Luis Simpson

Luis Simpson – Contemporary Cuban Artist
1965, Havana City, Cuba.

Graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1989. After that he carried out studies in painting and Management ( M.I.M , Cyprus).

He has traveled and exhibited his art in various countries. Has 18 personal exhibitions and more than 60 group exhibitions in: Cuba, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Belize, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, England and U.S.A.

He has received several awards and his work is found in very important private collections everywhere. He has worked in numerous scenographic and set designs for theater and television, as well as designs for publications, publicity, among others.

He has participated in the decoration of hotels, clubs, restaurants and has leaded workshops of painting and creativity.

He was a member of the Arts Amica project in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, member of the International Artists Association SKALA, and the Cuban Association of Artists.

He currently lives in Miami.