Kornelia Boje

Kornelia Boje

Location: Germany


Impressions of Dance and Live

Dance Impressions
New York Impressions
09. - 13. April 2014 at Contemporary Fair of Art KOELNER LISTE 2014 at The New Yorker/DOCK.ONE in Cologne | Germany. You can look at and buy works from Kornelia Boje and her father Prof. Dr. Walter Boje (1905-1992)

Three Amazons “Three Amazons”

Serie of Dance Impressions from 1999 to 2013

The Fight “The Fight”

Serie of dance-impressions Nr. 2

Dreamdancer “Dreamdancer”

Dance-Impressions Nr. 3

Underground “Underground”

New York Impressions 2014

Reflections “Reflections”

New York Impressions 2014

Ground Zero Nr. I “Ground Zero Nr. I”

New York Impressions 2014

Snowdance “Snowdance”

Serie Wintertime in Hamburg 2013

wait and see “wait and see”

Young dancers in school 2012

snow or not snow “snow or not snow”

from my serie New York 2014, yes, it was snowing, but this isn't snow, it only seems like a fake...

Obama worried about... “Obama worried about...”

New York January 2014 | and wy he is behind the door?

he looks at me “he looks at me”

My New York serie 2014 | I had a long time an "eye-discussion" with him, he dont moved.

like a picture “like a picture”

My New York, 2014 | it remains me...

all in orange “all in orange”

My New York 2014 | since many years I have a special look to buildings, eigther when they are in demolition or when they are upgrowing |

the unshakeable horseman “the unshakeable horseman”

My New York 2014 | what did he knew about all these terrible things around him years ago

fandance “fandance”

my serie of dance-impressions | 2005

christaldance “christaldance”

my serie of dance-impressions | 2013

devotion “devotion”

my serie of dance-impressoins | 2010