Douglas Balentine


Sullivan's Island

This portfolio consists of a selection of paintings from a larger body of work inspired by the beach at Sullivan's Island over the last decade and a half.

Sullivan's Island “Sullivan's Island”

oil on linen, 51" x 111", 2008

Cargo II “Cargo II”

oil on linen, 20" x 72", 2013

Cargo “Cargo”

oil on panel, 19" x 19", 2011

Reflection “Reflection”

oil on panel, 23.5" x 17", 2008

Return “Return”

oil on linen, 54" x 54", 2011

Nina “Nina”

oil on panel, 18" x 18", 2008

A Quiet Presence “A Quiet Presence”

oil on linen, 39" x 42", 2000

Contemplation “Contemplation”

egg tempera on panel, 14.5"x13.5", 2006


This portfolio represents select drawings as well as studies for paintings.

Study for Sullivan's Island “Study for Sullivan's Island”

oil on linen, 49'x 109"

Beach Study “Beach Study”

charcoal on paper, 30"x 52"

Beach Study “Beach Study”

charcoal on paper, 2010

Nina “Nina”

charcoal on toned paper, 2010

Nina, profile “Nina, profile”

charcoal on toned paper, 19"x15.5", 2009

Nina, 3/4  “Nina, 3/4 ”

charcoal on paper, 2010

Study of Nina “Study of Nina”

charcoal on toned paper, approx. 12"x10", 2012

Five Figures “Five Figures”

charcoal on paper, approx. 47"x52", 2010

View of the Wentworth Mansion, Charleston “View of the Wentworth Mansion, Charleston”

charcoal on paper, 20"x22", 2012

The Old Tavern “The Old Tavern”

charcoal on paper, 16"x16",2011

View of St. Phillips “View of St. Phillips”

charcoal on paper, 19"x22",2012

Oaks at Yeaman's Hall “Oaks at Yeaman's Hall”

charcoal on paper, 19"x31.5", 2012


Select work from the 1990's.

Departure “Departure”

oil on linen, 19"x25", 1997

The Eel “The Eel”

oil on panel, approx. 23"x23",1996

Study of Kershaw “Study of Kershaw”

charcoal on paper, 14"x14",1997

Study of Sarah “Study of Sarah”

oil on linen, 14"x14",1997

Lower Church Street “Lower Church Street”

oil on panel, 20"x25", 1998

Passages “Passages”

oil on panel, 17.5"x24", 1996

Helena “Helena”

oil on linen, 26"x34",1997