Laura Collins

I was born in Chicago but now live on the Oregon Coast. I have shown work in Washington, Idaho and Oregon for 25 years. I lived in the Chicago area until I was 21, lived in Minnesota for several years, then Idaho; and now the place I hope I never have to leave, the Oregon Coast. I have three grown children and share a home with Mike, my husband of 34 years, on property containing some true old growth trees.

I paint plein air and from life whenever possible. The impact of being on location is hard to match, although photography is part of the process if I want to produce a large piece in the studio from the work done on site and the photos I took there
George Carlson, a renowned sculpture and painter, told me once, "If you paint from life you always paint the truth. I'm blessed to get up every morning as an artist. This gift I have received has given me experiences I'll never forget and has kept me as close as an adult can hope to be to the joy and exuberance children feel in their world.

My work has been juried into several Oil Painters of America Western Regional Competitions. I placed second in an Idaho State Competition, was juried into the Mini 100's of Paint the Parks Competition and have won purchase awards and honorariums over the years at various shows across Idaho, Washington and Oregon.

If you would like to contact me, my email is I also have a website:, if you want to see more and read my resume and artist's statement. Each painting shown in my portfolio is beautifully framed. Hope you enjoy my work..


Laura Collins

The paintings shown in this portfolio should show my range. Icon of the American West, and Harbor Silhouettes were juried into two of the Oil Painters of America. The others have been shown in galleries in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Impressionist Realism is probably the closest in designating their genre. Some are plein air; others are studio pieces. Hope you enjoy them.

Goin' Clamming 12" x 9" “Goin' Clamming 12" x 9"”

I caught this image very early in the morning. I loved the relationship it showed and of course for a focal point, it's hard to beat a yellow raincoat with the sun on it. This painting, as are all in my portfolio is beautifully framed.

Kala Lamba, Celebration Dance “Kala Lamba, Celebration Dance”

This painting is of an interesting woman I met in Cannon Beach, Oregon. She is from Liberia and teaches authentic dance to children and teenagers in Portland, Oregon. It is 30" x 40" and is beautifully, custom framed.

Harbour Silhouettes 14" x 16" (sold) “Harbour Silhouettes 14" x 16" (sold)”

This painting depicts that moment when dusk is just turning to night and everything is finally facing from sight. Another day ends.

Maritime Sentinel 11" x 14" “Maritime Sentinel 11" x 14"”

This lighthouse stands still in Bandon, Oregon. It is framed beautifully, as are all the paintings shown in my portfolio.

Private Beach, 12" x 16" “Private Beach, 12" x 16"”

The beach in this piece is Crescent Beach. It is a plein air depiction of a view from Ecola State Park, Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Skalawag, 24" x 18" “Skalawag, 24" x 18"”

I love the pelicans on the Oregon Coast and have done this contemporary piece hopefully showing the mischievous side of a magnificent creature.

Waverunner, 10" x 10" (sold) “Waverunner, 10" x 10" (sold)”

No animal can be more beach happy than a dog. This painting represents the joy in their freedom that our canine pets release on the beach in a special way.

Reflections “Reflections”

This is a piece done as a demo of Hug Point in Cannon Beach, but it is not about location. It is about the reflective capabilities of sand and water.

Beaver Dam, 14" x 11" “Beaver Dam, 14" x 11"”

The Tetons are hard not to recognize. Had a great time painting in Jackson Hole and this painting made it into the Mini 100's in the National Paint the Parks competition.

Icon of the American West 20"x24" “Icon of the American West 20"x24"”

This portrait of a steer with his winter coat was juried into the 2007 Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show.

Flight in the Fog, 18" x 36" “Flight in the Fog, 18" x 36"”

Pelicans are so interesting to me. They always grab my attention when they are around. I've watched them skim the ocean surface with such precision until they catch their dinner. This painting is framed beautifully as are all my pieces in this portfolio.