Jean W. Bell

Was accepted for Glasgow School of Art but tossed a coin and decided to train to be a creative dance teacher although I kept up my art - I now regret that decision but....c'est la vie.
I enjoy painting outside - plein air - and never leave without finishing the painting on the spot. I am known as a very emotional painter of the exciting ever changing Scottish scenery.
My studio work is completely different and I call them my 'toffee paintings' usually of the village where I stay on the shores of Loch Fyne.


Toffee painting

This is one of my 'toffee paintings' and it shows my village from the sea but as if I was a bird looking down.

Newton - the village “Newton - the village”

This is a small diptych again of village with the toffee wrappers in the window to suggest that there are lights on

Newton - the Village With a Sunset Over Loch Fyne “Newton - the Village With a Sunset Over Loch Fyne”

The village where I stay has 27 cottages but only 6 are occupied full time, the rest are second homes so the village is dead and my paintings try to give the impression that is a thriving small lochside village

newton - the Village With a Green Window “newton - the Village With a Green Window”

This is a small diptych - I like that format as I ensure that each canvas can survive on its own as well as together.