Bruce Dean

Bruce Dean received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Otis Art Institute in 1974 with a major in painting and a minor in drawing. 

Bruce has worked as an exhibiting abstract artist; editorial, corporate and advertising illustrator and international poster artist for over thirty years. As an illustrator he received a silver medal from The Society of Illustrators and numerous awards of merit from national and international publications. His fine art posters and illustrations have been featured in numerous books and magazines. He has participated in over thirty solo and group gallery exhibitions nation-wide. His work includes projects funded by grants from the Department of Education and the Foundation for Global Community. Dean’s work was most recently featured in an exhibition entitled “Searching for Clarity,” at the Art Rental & Sales Gallery of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Bruce currently exhibits at The Brewery Art Complex in Los Angeles, CA.

Bruce teaches advanced painting at Mount St Mary’s college and is a founding partner of MetaFour Productions, a non-profit corporation that produces visually creative instruction for educator's and students.


abstract images

Green Syllable “Green Syllable”

12" x 12" oil on panel

Crucible “Crucible”

60" x 48" oil on canvas

Pnuema “Pnuema”

42" x 30" oil on paper

Occultation “Occultation”

34" x 60" oil on canvas

Penumbra “Penumbra”

12" x 12" oil on panel

Marginalia “Marginalia”

!2" x 12" oil on panel

Dione “Dione”

12" x 12" oil on panel

Canoe of Lightning “Canoe of Lightning”

12" x 12" oil on panel

Landscape1 “Landscape1”

26" x 32" oil on paper

Landscape II “Landscape II”

26" x 32" oil on paper

Arc “Arc”

41" x 26" oil on paper

Canticle for Carnow “Canticle for Carnow”

60" x 96" oil on canvas - private collection

Ten Objects “Ten Objects”

60" x 24" oil on canvas

Three Panels Gray “Three Panels Gray”

37" x 45" framed - oil on paper

Three Panels Reflected “Three Panels Reflected”

30" x 44" framed - Oil on paper

Black cross “Black cross”

42" x 30" - oil on paper - private collection

Blue Gray Familiar “Blue Gray Familiar”

42" x 30" - oil on paper - private collection