Joe Morris

Joe Morris graduated with a BFA from the St. Paul College of Visual Arts in 1998 and has been pounding the pavement ever since. His rockabilly meets street style poster art has generated a major following around the world. The work is uniquely identifiable like a band you know right away when you hear the first chord. Morris’s work is bold, familiar, and groundbreaking on new levels at the same time. He works in a mix media style that is often times very large in scale that demands attention from the viewers. His long paint strokes and line work shows signs of confidence and prowess in making fine art as he continues to refine his work and abilities.
Joe Morris Art is owned by some of the world’s biggest companies in the world like his 100th Anniversary mix media painting he did for Kellogg’s, Portrait of Leo Burnett, Indy 500 Champions series, Micheal Jordan Motorsports Champions work, Chicago Blackhawks Legends series, and the Ultimate Fighting Championships official fighter series. Morris also has many individual collectors around the world. Many of his works have sold at Mars Gallery in Chicago A 20 yr old gallery that’s considered one of Chicago’s most eclectic galleries in the warehouse district.
There’s always something going on at Joe Morris’s studio. For more info on owning or commissioning work email


Joe Morris Art

I believe Art is for the Soul there for my Art is for the Soul. My goal is to get more Art on peoples walls then mass produced department store Art. All work that is in this portfolio will be current works for sale. To see other works I've done go to

Venice “Venice”

48x60 Mix media on Canvas $1,200

Peace Sells “Peace Sells”

36x48 Acrylic on Canvas $900

Warrior in Victory “Warrior in Victory”

36x48 Mix Media on canvas $900