Cees Penning

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Cees Penning is a self-taught photo-realistic painter.

Cees (pronounced "Case") began drawing and painting when he was in Kindergarten. Initially, his paintings were watercolors.
Fascinated by realism, he was first attracted to a career in Graphic Design. He graduated fron the Graphic Academy in Amsterdam in the mid "60's, and worked as a transparency- retoucher in The Netherlands and Germany until 1974 when he moved to New York.

Once in the United States, he established a successful enterprise in the very precise and demanding field of color transparency-retouching.
Twenty years later, in the mid '90's, digital retouching completely started to take over the hand retouching.
He decided to leave the retouching business, to take-up oil painting, which medium was completely new for him.
He has been creating portraits, nudes, exotic animals, still-life and floral since 2000.
A distinctive hallmark of his personal style is his ability to understand so well colors and execute a high degree of contrast between light and dark- a rare skill refined through decades of photo color transparency-retouching.


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