Davide Barbanera

Davide Barbanera

Location: Italy

was born in Città di Castello on June 9th 1969, where I attended all school until the University: Faculty of Philosophy and Letters. But more exactly I was born nearby the James Joyce book: “Portrait of the artist as a young man” that I read in My teen age.
I love the country side, the silence of the fields, the solitude of the hills.And I love the music as well,classical music above all,… to play Piano sometimes, and walking alone to meditate and relaxing.I love very much to read book: novel,romance,poem etc, so like to listen the deep silence resounding in my mind and in my heart….And of course I love Art: My Life and my Inner Voice


Some my Pictures

This portofolio belong to the period between 2010 ed now. It's represent my search around my art, my ezpression.

The poorness and the silence “The poorness and the silence”

This work represent the essential expression