Julie Mazzoni

Julie Mazzoni was a mural painter for years before discovering mosaics in 2009. In 2011, Julie was commissioned to make “Holy Family II” for Archibishop Wilton Gregory of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, GA. She is self-taught with the help of the public library and the internet. She has been teaching mosaic classes since the fall of 2013. Shortly after that “Cupcake” was accepted in a mosaic art cookbook, Edible Bits and Pleasing Pieces published in February 2014. Julie has exhibited at several galleries in Georgia, Ciel Gallery in North Carolina and was accepted into the juried Mosaic Arts Intenational 2014 and 2016 exhibits in Houston, TX and San Diego, CA resprectively.

She has since exhibited all over the United States, including City Arts Factory, Orlando, FL, The Art of Georgia, Atlanta,GA, The Center for Visual Arts Gallery at the University of Oregon, and Orsoni Gallery, Venice, Italy.


Stained Glass Mosaics

These works are about finding beauty in the ordinary. Images that resonate with me are rendered with stained glass. Optical blending is the trick that makes the separate pieces of glass read as a whole, and special care has been taken with regards to grout color and reflectivity of the glass.

Loose Thread “Loose Thread”

23.5" x 32.5" Stained glass, beads, glass gems, on Wediboard.
My sister, Katy, is a bit of a seamstress. When she made this skirt and asked her newlywed husband to snap a photo, he captured the intimate moment when she reached to pull a loose thread. She appears caught in the light, with the bright future ahead, but never forgetting the past behind her.

The Lesson “The Lesson”

19.25" x 25.5" Stained glass, colored grout.
I am drawn to themes of family, home, faith, and nature. The Lesson pulls from two of these, showing two brothers in their home, practicing music together. I have a relationship with these brothers that transcends my actually knowing them. I see the concentration, the love for one another, the passion for music. I hear the beauty that unfolds as they focus on mastering the notes to bring the music to life. The tesserae are my notes, mosaic my instrument, and The Lesson my song.

Natalia “Natalia”

22.75" x 38.25" Stained glass.
This work began as a study in pattern and repetition. The dress, the chair, the fence and even the pavement, pool, pavement all repeat the motif of stripes, with the highest contrast on the figure in the foreground.

The Golden Leopard “The Golden Leopard”

19.5" x 15.5" Stained glass and 24Kgold smalti.
This work was a request from my Mother-in-law to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary. Gold smalti is peppered throughout the work to commemorate the golden event.

Nymphaea (Water Lily) “Nymphaea (Water Lily)”

24" x 36" Stained glass.
Nymphaea is the scientific term for water lily. In 2016, while volunteering at the Atlanta Botanical Garden I was captivated by the water lilies. Since then, I have visited gardens throughout Georgia. Nymphaea is the first in a series of Georgia botanical mosaics.

Cupcake “Cupcake”

12" x 12". Stained glass on MDF.
This one is for my cupcake obsessed daughter. I once had a meyer lemon tree in my yard and would trade lemons for grapefruit, oranges and tangerines with the neighbors. I still had many, many lemons from that crazy prolific tree. So I made lemon cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting.