Jules Stirling

Jules Stirling

Location: Canada

Jules Stirling has always been an artist. She’s been a professional graphic designer and commercial photographer for over 20 years. Recently, Stirling has been focusing on capturing a different way of seeing our world, using her trained eye to test the boundaries between movement and tranquility.

She believes in a harmonious balance of colors using rich smokey jewel tones that fade in and out of each other, giving a sense of depth through the softness. Using an infra-red camera and an unpredictable mixed medium transfer process, each piece has small variations that only add the the ethereal and painterly appearance.

Jules is currently seeking gallery representation.


Landscape Study

Landscape Study 1 “Landscape Study 1”

24x18" gelatin transfer on wood panel.

Landscape Study 4 “Landscape Study 4”

Two 24x18" wood panel gelatin transfers.

Landscape Study 9 “Landscape Study 9”

24x18" gelatin transfer on wood panel.

Landscape Study 2 “Landscape Study 2”

24x24" gelatin transfer on 9 wood panels.