Petra Verlooy

Petra Verlooy
Wildlife & Animal Artist
Petra Verlooy attended the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, where she later became an art teacher. Since 1990 she focuses on painting animals and wildlife. Her paintings are represented by galleries in The Netherlands. She mainly works with acrylic paint on canvas 3D.
"The combination of realism and abstraction is every time a big challenge to me. By painting layer over layer and enjoy how the painting is developing. You can see the emotions shining through: anger, tenderness, sadness, love, joy, fear, curiosity and playfulness - all these emotions well known to us humans."
Only one hundred years ago there were 120,000 cheetahs, while nowadays there are maybe 12.000 left.
The lion - 'king of the animals' – is also disappearing, with maybe 20,000-25,000 left on the African continent.
The rhino is mercilessly killed for his horn, which used in the Chinese medicine industry.
That is why I paint these species with great passion.



This painting represents the magnificent white Rhinoceros.
I painted him in bright blue colours.

At leisure “At leisure”

This lioness is spotted and photographed in the Antwerp Zoo.
She lies down quietly. I painted her in bright yellow and purple colours.