Cinzia Camela

Cinzia Camela

Location: Italy

I started taking picture at the age of 17, since 1993 I'm a freelance photographer. At the beginning of my career I worked for a publishing house, I directed the photography of some videos on painters of the Italian '400. Among the things I'm proud of, there are: the official Peter Greenaway's portray, a cover picture for "Sportweek" magazine, a collaboration with Vogue Italia, my personal exhibition in Naples gallery "Al Blu di Prussia" with my work "Beyond the screen", the Canon 2000 prize for best sport picture for Photo Italia magazine, the first time I partecipated and I was honored of prizes at PX3 of Paris 2012, a gold medal, two bronze medals and an honorable mention with my works "Beyond the screen" and "It's just a job", a research work on the backstage of the fashion shows, a second place, merit of excellence, at Photography Master Cup International Awards 2013 in sport category and two nominations in fashion and children of the world categories in the same edition, being shortlisted for the Reinaissance Photography Prize 2013 in "expression" category, my short film with co-author choreographer Giulio D'Anna for "Transparent Boundaries", european project called "The perfect form".


Before the runway

In this project, I'm searching for a light that reminds me of
Giovanni Bellini and Mantegna paintings: "Presentation at the
temple". I do love portraying people in fashion show backstages
waiting for the right moment and focusing on the right light, so
that I can capture and freeze their authentic expressions and
moods; I look for a genuine behaviour right in the middle of a
world that asks the opposite.