Roberto Rizzo

Roberto Rizzo

Location: Italy

Roberto Rizzo was born in Naples and today he lives and works in Rome, Italy.
After acheving classical studies he attended the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design of Milan) and worked as an illustrator for several publishing houses.

From 1996 part of his artistic activity has been devoted to the 'rockpainting art'.
In 2004 he composed the manual 'Sassi dipinti' published by Mondadori.
At present time the artist partecipates to a lot of exhibitions in Italy and his works are exposed in galleries and are showed in many contemporary art catalogues.

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'A personal overview of Nature and above all a focus on the animal kingdom is the reading key to decode human society. My goal is to invite people to recover lost instincts under the weight of superstructures imposed during the years as well as a declaration toward a world that has always fascinated me and that represents a source of continuous inspiration. I mix the animal simbology with the history and the ancestral strength of the fairy tales. A portrait that shows the worth of life fulfilled with drama and beauty'.


Faces of Nature

Wild Chiaroscuro “Wild Chiaroscuro”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 70 x 70
U$D 1600,00

Magnetism “Magnetism”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 50 x 60

In the Twilight “In the Twilight”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 30 x 30

African Dust “African Dust”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 50 x 70
U$D 1300,00

The Fox “The Fox”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 50 x 50
U$D 1350,00

Half Black “Half Black”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 40 x 40
U$D 1000,00

Last Rhino “Last Rhino”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 60 x 120
U$D 3000,00

The Cry “The Cry”

Pen and acrylic on canvas
cm. 40 x 30
U$D 500,00

Raccoon Study “Raccoon Study”

Charcoal on paper
cm. 36 x 48
U$D 500,00

Fox and Grapes “Fox and Grapes”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 30 x 80

Divine Reflex “Divine Reflex”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 100 x 70

Roman Night “Roman Night”

Acrylic on canvas
cm. 100 x 30
U$D 1700,00