Jane Coco Cowles

I consider myself a self-taught artist, even though I received a BA in fine art from Drew University. My desire to create began long before then with my need to reconstruct the images I imagined while reading fanciful stories as a child. The processes I use are methodical, thoughtful and intentional. Like the plot of a novel unfolds, each design evolves detail by detail. My idiosyncratic, sometimes overly ordered style is influenced by growing up in a chaotic household and my training as a tax attorney. Organization is my way of making sense of it all. So most, if not all of my work, is done in series, a set of squares and reflected on stark white backgrounds.



Petals fascinate me. Color, shape, texture, fragility and strength - a metaphor for nature.

copper lattice petals “copper lattice petals”

cut and sculpted copper wire.

marbled petals “marbled petals”

hand sculpted clay petals

wax peonies “wax peonies”

mixed-media sculpted flowers - paper, encaustic wax and copper.

rice paper petals “rice paper petals”

hand cut from rice paper and glazed

seascape petals “seascape petals”

paper cut petals dipped in encaustic wax.

pantone petals “pantone petals”

hand sculpted from clay and dipped in gold encaustic wax.

monochrome petals “monochrome petals”

hand sculpted white petals

petal nest “petal nest”

mixed media sculpture - copper, fabric and glaze

stacked petals “stacked petals”

digital photo montage

petal shaped heart “petal shaped heart”

digital photography

sycamore pods

sycamore pods are my favorite find - a combination of soft roundness and sharp spikes. i love to sculpt them from clay.

gold sycamore pods “gold sycamore pods”

hand sculpted clay sycamore pods

Industry Series

I am obsessed with small mass produced objects.

toothpaste tubes “toothpaste tubes”

digital photography montage