Logan Bauer

Logan Bauer was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, though much of his formative years were spent overseas. As a result, he took his first painting class in London, England at the age of 13. He graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas with a BA in education and a minor in history and political science. During his last year at Trinity he took the majority of his coursework in the fine arts department where he devoted much of his time to painting. Settling in Arizona he continued his art education at Phoenix College and Arizona State University while pursuing other professional goals. Only recently have circumstances permitted him to transform what had been a pastime into a full-time commitment.
A figurative and landscape artist, Bauer’s impressionistic and contemporary abstract imagery is imbued with a vivid sense of color, light, and emotion informed by the vistas of his lifelong travels. His oil paintings are characterized by years of watercolor techniques that blend color in ethereal and unsuspecting ways and that add to the narratives he depicts on canvas.
Initially Bauer’s work was painted in the watercolor medium. However, by the fall of 2009 he ventured back into painting with oil on canvas, which was his first love. Bauer continues to study life drawing and painting in classroom and workshop settings and is a member of the Arizona Watercolor Association (AWA), the Arizona Artist Guild (AAG), and has been juried into the Arizona Art Alliance (AAA).
Recent works have been shown at the Herberger, Phoenix, Arizona “Spring Exhibitions 2010”; the Summer Exhibition at the Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art 2010, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada; and he will appear in the publication International Contemporary Masters 2010 and 2011. He won best of show at the AAG Fall exhibition 2010, He has appeared in the January-March 2011 issue of the publication Southwest Art. He is listed at www.artistregister.com and www.labedzki-art.com. Bauer’s work also is available at his website at www.loganbauer.com, his blogsite at www.lprobst-artistpath.blogspot.com, and at www.dailypaintersofarizona.blogspot.com.


Logan Bauer Portfolio

Artist Statement

Every artistic endeavor I
undertake is a point of view that encompasses the sum of my emotional and visual experience. I believe the translation of that combination of emotion and perspective onto the canvas is the essence of originality. As an artist, I am continually inspired by the prospect of depicting new subjects, developing new techniques and experimenting with new approaches. Without that passion, technique and process fade with repetition and redundancy, becoming a shallow representation of the artist’s soul. I am especially drawn to the seductive power of light and shadow and the seemingly infinite variety of color in everyday landscapes that capture my imagination – a city corner, a mountain retreat, a harbor at sunrise. I seek to capture brief moments in time, in a way that photographs can’t, that elicit in the observer the desire to get inside the painting – to be there and to experience it in a personal way.

Waving to Seagulls “Waving to Seagulls”

Logan Bauer, 2012, Ship, rough seas, yellow sky, man waving to Seaguls in early morning, 24 X36 inches, Oil on canvas.

The swimmer “The swimmer”

Logan Bauer, Lady standing in low tide, ocean, in late evening, with yellow and brown sky, 2012, oil on canvas, 30 X 24 inches.

 Leaving the Ship “ Leaving the Ship”

Logan Bauer, Passengers leaving the Cruise ship for the island. Ocean type seascape, 24 X 36 inches, oil on canvas, 2012.

 From the Aloha Toweer, “ From the Aloha Toweer, ”

View from the Aloha Tower, Hawaii, 24 X 36 inches, landscape, oil on canvas, yellow and brown sky with palm trees.

Peeling the Orange, Puerto Rico 1940's “Peeling the Orange, Puerto Rico 1940's”

Vendor in a small town in PR preparing an orange for sale.

Cutting the Coconut, Puerto Rico, 1940's “Cutting the Coconut, Puerto Rico, 1940's”

A beach on the island with palm trees and coconuts. A man with a machete prepares the cocunut for drinking

Street Vendor, Puerto Rico, 1940s “Street Vendor, Puerto Rico, 1940s”

Small town vendor roaming the streets in PR looking for customers.

Vendor and Basket, Puerto Rico 11940's “Vendor and Basket, Puerto Rico 11940's”

Street endor walking the streets of a small town in PR looking for customers.

Logan Bauer Portfolio

Arrtist Statement.

The translations of one’s emotions visions and ideas on to or into and around the creation of a work of art on a piece of canvas, a piece of paper or on/in any other material form is the essence of originality. The use of technique, process or format alone will die with repetition and redundancy and become a shallow representation of the artist’s human spirit. The artist must be continually excited at the prospect of depicting new subjects, developing new techniques and experimenting with new approaches. Each new work should be an effort at change by the artist who creates in and above all be clearly perceived by the people who see it. An artist may not be able to describe his intent, or the purpose of his effort, or analyze in detail each and every brush stroke. However he must express passion and emotion in each of his creations or he has not been successful.

 Late Afternoon-Cherry Road “ Late Afternoon-Cherry Road”

Oil on Canvas, 30 X 40 inches. by Logan Bauer 2011

 At the Beach “ At the Beach”

Oil On Canvas , 24 X 30,.By Logan Bauer 2011

 Beach perspective “ Beach perspective”

Oil On Canvas, 24 X 36, By Logan Bauer 2011

 In The Central Park “ In The Central Park”

Oil On Canvas, 24 X 30, By Logan Bauer 2011

 On the Cell-Prescott “ On the Cell-Prescott”

Oil On Canvas, 24 X 36, By Logan Bauer 2011

 Miami-Arizona “ Miami-Arizona”

Oil On Canvas, 24 X 36, By Logan Bauer 2011.

 Carrara “ Carrara”

Oil On Canvas, 30 X 40, By Logan Bauer 2010

 Sun Block “ Sun Block”

Oil on Canvas, 24 X 30, By Logan Bauer 2011

The Gazebo “The Gazebo”

Oil on Canvas, 24 X 36 inches. 2011

The Pool Pros “The Pool Pros”

Oil on canvas. 30 X 40 inches. 2011

Demonstration “Demonstration”

Oil on canvas, 2011 Dancer demonstrating moves.

 Contemplation “ Contemplation”

Oil On Canvas, 24 X 30

 Shadowed “ Shadowed”

36 X 24, Oil on Canvas 2011