Simon Leonidovitch Kozhin

Simon L. Kozhin.Semion Kojin

Stages of creativity:

Born 1979 in Moscow.
1998 Graduated from the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum NV Tomsk.
2001 1 st Creative trip to England.
2002 2 nd Creative trip to England.
2003 Graduated from the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.
2007 One of the works included in the collection of paintings at Buckingham Palace.
2008 received a grant from the "Cultural Heritage" for excellence in fine arts.
2009 Members of the Moscow Association of Artists' Union.
2009 Member of International Arts Fund.

Group exhibition:

2001 Exhibition at the Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.
2003 Exhibition at the Business Design Center "Fresh Art", London, UK.
2003 Exhibition in antiquarian gallery On Staromonetny, "All we're a little horse", Moscow, Russia.
2004 Exhibition in antiquarian gallery On Staromonetny "," Winter, winter, winter range, Moscow, Russia.
2004 Exhibition at the gallery Collyer-Bristow, "Flower Power", London, UK ..
2005 Exhibition at the Central House of Artists, creative association "Primavera", Moscow, Russia.
2005 Exhibition at the gallery Collyer-Bristow "Russian Contemporary", London, UK ..
2005 Exhibition at the Russian Restoration Centre "Russian tradition", Moscow, Russia.
2005 Exhibition in antiquarian gallery On Staromonetny, "Seasons", Moscow, Russia.
2005 Exhibition "Russian tradition", Washington, USA.
2005 Exhibition Gallery Oriel "New Russian Painting," Dublin, Ireland.
2006 Exhibition at The Carlton Hotel "Contemporary Russian Painting," San Moritz, Switzerland.
2006 Exhibition at the gallery Collyer-Bristow "London-Paris-New-York", London, UK ..
2007 Exhibition in the Arena "20 Years of the Academy, devoted to the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Moscow, Russia.
2007 Exhibition in the crypt of the Cathedral of St. Pancras Parish, "Life Circles" (gallery Bash Creation Art), London, UK ..
2007 Official Show Rossport All-Russia Exhibition Center "Sports-7"
(Gallery of Art Olympus "), Moscow, Russia.
2007 Exhibition at the arcade "A Celebration of the capital, Moscow, Russia.
2007 Exhibition at the Exhibition Center "Master 2007", Moscow, Russia.
2007 Exhibition at the Exhibition Centre "Russian miracle", Moscow, Russia.
2008 Exhibition Gallery "Les Oreades", "Poetry of Truth" Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia ..
2008 Exhibition of UES of Russia within the «Academia +» with the support of Culture of the Russian Federation.
2008 Exhibition Gallery "Oriel", "Europe in the spring, Dublin, Ireland.
2008 Exhibition Gallery "N-prospect", "young landscape painter, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2009 Exhibition of Contemporary Russian paintings in the gallery «Oriel» Dublin, Ireland.
2008-2009 Participated in several exhibitions in the Gallery "Elena", Moscow, Russia.
2009 Exhibition at the Gallery "Chaliapin", "Traditions of the present" within the "imagination", Moscow, Russia.
2009 International Exhibition of the North-East Asian painting, photography, sculpture and kaligrafii.Pri support Altai Union kollektsionerov.Chanchun, China.
2009 2nd International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "RUSSIAN ART WEEK / Russian Art Week." Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russia.
2009 Exhibition in Hook, Eshibition gallery "Izmailovo", "Attraction of realism." Moscow, Russia ..
2010 Exhibition in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts "The heirs of the traditions" of the funds of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum. Moscow, Russia.
2010 Exhibition at the Gallery "Russian estate," "Moskovko hospitality" with the support of Moscow government. Moscow, Russia.
2011 Exhibition at the Kaluga Regional Gallery "image", "Klykov. Seasons. Kaluga, Russia.
2011 Exhibition at the STMC, Eshibition gallery "Izmailovo", "Attraction of realism," Moscow, Russia ..

Participate in the auctions:

2002 Regular participation in the auction "Az-Art".
2008 Auction number 11 "Russian genre painting of the twentieth century" organizer "Russian Art Gallery, the hotel" Soviet ". Moscow, Russia.
2008 Auction number 72 in Sovcom gallery, "Modern painters realists" (September 11, 2008). Moscow, Russia ..
2010 Charity Auction in support of victims of the terrorist attack in the Moscow Metro on May 29 at the site

Solo Exhibitions:

2001 Personal exhibition, and participation in interfaith Christian Conference, Moscow, Russia.
2001 Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall of the village Hadenhem, UK.
2002 Solo exhibition at the Central House of Artists.
2008 Personal Exhibition vernissage at Pushkinskaya waterfront organized with the support of the Sports Marketing Agency «JSA» in Moscow International Regatta (September 6, 2008), Moscow, Russia.
2009 Personal exhibition in gallery "fantasy" Federal State Unitary Enterprise Publishing "Izvestia".

His works are in museums, private and corporate collections in Russia and abroad.

His works are in museum collections:

Regional Art Gallery "image", Kaluga.
STMC Kaluga Regional Art Museum, Kaluga.
Fund of the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum, Moscow.
Museum of the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, Moscow.
Foundation "Cultural Heritage", St. Petersburg.


2004 Publication of illustrations of the tale by the Brothers Grimm "Rapunzel" in TALES magazine in London.
2004 Publication of illustrations to the book "Luciano Pavarotti" in Korea (published by Montessori).
2005 Publication of the Bank Petrocommerce calendar with views of Moscow.
2006 The Brothers Grimm "Rapunzel." - Moscow: Russian Mission, 2006. P. 16.
2006 Astakhov Yu Thousand of Russian artists. - M.: "White City", 2006.S. 1040.ISBN 5-7793-1000-9
2007 Zlatoverhovnikova ON Kozhin Simon. - Moscow: Print Suite, 2007. S. 234.
2008 YA Astakhov Historical Paintings. " - M.: "White City", 2008.S. 936. ISBN - 978-5-7793-1579-1
2009 Zlatoverhovnikova ON Kozhin Simon. - M.: "White City", 2009. C. 64. ISBN 978-5-7793-1719-4
2010 Publication of biography in the Encyclopedia of Swiss publishing house in Russia, Edition 4 - M.: WHO IS WHO Verlag, 2010. C .3012. ISBN 978-3-7290-0091-9
2010 Publication of the first biography in 2011, volume encyclopedia "Who is Who".


My paintings

 Russian Hunting “ Russian Hunting”

Oil on canvas. 50 x 200 cm.

Napoleon's escape “Napoleon's escape”

Oil on canvas. 85 x 104 cm.

Crismas devination. “Crismas devination.”

Oil on canvas. 60 x 80 cm.

 Notley Abbey in England. “ Notley Abbey in England. ”

2005. Paper, watercolour. 55 x 71 cm.