Carmen Gloria Machuca

Carmen Gloria Machuca

Location: Chile

Born in Talcahuano, Chile in 1971.


1986-1987. Intermediate Painting Workshop, Artists of Steel Academy.
Concepción, Chile.

1993-1994. Painting Workshop, Talcahuano County Government, Chile.

1989 - 1990 . 1991 Workshops on Watercolor, Drawing, Portrait. Art Academy, University of Concepción, Chile.

2000 Workshop on Serigraphy. Art Academy, University of Concepción, Chile.

1999-2001.Publicity and Graphic. DUOC-UC Institute, Chile.

2005. Specialization Graduate in Art and Graphic. University of Chile,
Santiago, Chile.


1987. Collective Exhibition. Of Artists of Steel Academy. Multi-salon of the Concepción County Government, Chile.

1994. Collective Exhibition. Talcahuano County Government Hall, Chile.

1995. Permanent Exhibition of Oils, Acrylics, Pastel and Watercolors. Montecatini Gallery, Concepción, Chile.

1997. Exhibition of "Three Young Artists of the Eighth Region" Montecatini Gallery, Concepción, Chile.

1998. Sixth MultiFair of Arts. University of Bio Bio. Concepcion , Chile.

1999. Collective Exhibition "Mystic of Our Roots" Montecatini Gallery. Concepciòn, Chile.

2000. Participation in the Calendar of ENAGAS "Historical Moments" with the work "Global Village "Chile.

2001. Collective Exhibition "45 x 45" Montecatini Gallery. Concepcion,Chile.

2003. " The Strength of Color" Bipersonal Exhibition Montecatini Gallery Concepción. Chile.
2004. “ Small Sizes” Collective exhibition,
2004. " B - Sides” Individual Exhibition ,Ilustrations on Canvas. Alive Library .Concepcion.Chile.

2005. " Dancers " Bipersonal Exhibition .
2005. " Paintings" Ehibition TV Program " Tolerance Zero " Chilevisión Chanell. Santiago, Chile.
2005. “ Square meter” Collective Exhibition.
2006. “ Balloons”, Collective show ,
2006. “ I Inspire Myself….then I Paint”, Collective exhibition,
2007. " The Interior space" , Individual show ,
2008 Painting Exhibition, State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong, China.
2009 “Contemporary Chilean Painting”, Imagen Gallery, Panamá.
2009 “Contemporary Chilean Painting”, Artseni Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
2011 " Coloured Abstraction " Painting Exhibition 10 Apr -15 May State of the Arts Gallery, Hong Kong
2014 “Solo Eshibit” , art Gallery, Santiago, Chile.
2016 ALBUM, individual exhibit, art Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

Others : Ilustrator of books and educative material for the University of the
BioBio, Concepción, Chile .


Interior Space

The artist plays with the infinite concept of the exterior space, everything that occurs outside of us that we do not know.

Her work captures images/fiction and sensations that seek to be translated and re-expressed through color, density, and temperature. The visualness of her painting constitutes an interesting result which, more than figurative, returns to an abstract technique of oil on canvas, incorporating spots, dripping, and organic forms coming from spontaneous gestures, as well as incorporating more traditional elements coming from design and graphics.
The subject almost always comes from a moment, it makes a transversal cut through an instant in which the sensation or image is perceived and from there, through drawings and notes, she creates and conceives each piece.

Another Place Another Space “Another Place Another Space”

Acrílico tela

US$ 1,100
EUR$ 900

To the other side “To the other side”

Acrílico tela

US$ 1,099
EUR$ 819

Red at the same time “Red at the same time”

Acrílico tela

US$ 790
EUR$ 589

Carmine over the sofa “Carmine over the sofa”

Acrílico tela

US$ 1,199
EUR$ 899

Happening “Happening”

Acrílico tela

US$ 290
EUR$ 210

Just Me ,Only you “Just Me ,Only you”

acrylic on canvas

Join the Dots

Art show of 12 recent paintings.
This is the result of painting confronted as a “live” exercise – occurring on a surface, without complications nor influencing concepts, without a tale to illustrate nor a story. This show is freer and at the same time more challenging in its process. Each piece or module is in itself a starting point for an occurrence which will propagate itself in a chain.
In “Join the Dots” something happens within each module; we look at it time and time again attempting to discover what it is that occurs there. We find dots and lines joined, with their occurrence in each module, to the total proposal, to the concept that gives form to this exhibit, the joining of the dots.

Join the Dots recalls the entertainment of pen and paper which gives us the illusion of discovering a figure by joining the numbered dots, that game which final purpose is to reveal the predetermined “hidden” figure.
Dots are joined by drawing lines until making the shape “visible”, until “recognizing” it. In Join the Dots there is some of that “magic”, which, added to the complicity of the spectator’s eye, waits to be revealed; there is a starting point and an ending point, however, along the way between both, something occurs.
What is it? Join The Dots.
Carmen Gloria Machuca.


De Enero de 2016 a Marzo de 2016
Lugar: Chile
Another Space for us CARMEN GLORIA MACHUCA
ÁLBUM por Carmen Gloria Machuca


15 Enero al 15 Marzo, 2016

A estas pinturas les llamé Álbum porque parecen láminas de un álbum.

Colores que nacen como capas, a veces más gruesas, otras más traslucidas.

Todas mis pinturas nacen de una mancha o de una serie de ellas nadando en la tela. Sin el involuntario de la mancha no puedo comenzar una pintura. Todo parte del accidente que es la mancha.

"Un álbum se va completando de recuerdos brillantes; visiones y apariciones mágicas.

Trabajo silencioso, pintura presente y en ejercicio. El ritmo no para.


Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Like a tightrope walker “Like a tightrope walker”

Like a tightrope walker
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Speechless dialogue “Speechless dialogue”

Speechless dialogue
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Amazing Magic “Amazing Magic”

Amazing Magic
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Another red space for you “Another red space for you”

Another red space for you
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Another Space for us “Another Space for us”

Another Space for us
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Appearing on you “Appearing on you”

Appearing on you
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela

Suddenly, it happens “Suddenly, it happens”

Suddenly, it happens
Carmen Gloria Machuca
Acrílico sobre tela