Jianjun An

jianjun an

Location: Canada

Jian Jun An — An Artist Full of Life
Artist, strength of the painter

Jian Jun An graduated in the year of 1988 from the Shan Dong University of Art and Design. He is an avant-garde artist, senior designer. He has been engaged in the fine arts for over twenty years, and his artwork has been published and exhibited many times. His works often depict life and society, and some of his works have been collected by friends and organizations.

Jian Jun An immigrated to Canada in 2005 and sets up the New Primary Colours Art Studio in 2006. In 2008, he becomes a member of the White Rock Art Council, and in 2009, he joins the Delta Art Council. In January 2009, he successfully produced an individual art exhibition at the White Rock Art Council. In December of the same year, he entered an artist group exhibition in the White Rock Art Council. In 2010, he becomes a member of the Vancouver Chinese Art Council, and participated in their exhibitions two times. In July of the same year, he once again held an individual art exhibition at the Delta Art Council. In 2011, he not only participated in the “Art Spacific” show in the Delta Art Council, but he also won an award. In 2012, he participated in Delta’s “Celebrate the Colours of Delta” art exhibition. In November 2012, he becomes a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA), and participated in the organized “Work on Paper” artist group exhibition. In October 2013, he becomes a signed artist of
Agora gallery in New York. March 4--25,2014, he participated in Agora Gallery’s
“The Essence of Abstraction” art exhibition and “Abstract show” by FCA organized. He has been invited to participate in the “OpenArtCode” group exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris in Nov, 2014.

Jian Jun An’s Concept of Art:

The cornerstone of my art is based on expressionism and realism. In creating my works, I observe objective images from my visual angle and fuse traditional cultures and zeitgeist , concerned about life, as well as society and objective nature as a fountain of inspiration, expresses my humanistic feelings. In the years that I have resided in Canada, The only constant is my passion for art and the lifeblood essence left on me by Oriental culture and the pure white canvas .The freedom and vitality of the Western arts is what continues to change and inspire me. The innovative and constantly changing thinking of the Western arts is what impacts and purifies my soul, causing my ideas to become more and more simple, more and more pure. In my artworks, the curved line, the large surfaces of colour and the form of forgotten memories are just like the locus of my life: blurred, complex, chaos, constantly searching the pure feelings in the complex, all allow the memories to return to life, the image to be full of tension, the colours to be full of vibrant.

The artworks that I have done in these past few years are all derived from my daily life. It might have been the coffee shop that is close to home, a person that I miss dearly, a trip to somewhere, the grass in my community, my neighbours who are exercising and many others. The way that I form my artworks are not only in a single style, as there is no stylized theme. I use many different materials to express myself, such as acrylic, oil and various others. Sometimes, I may use the whipping technique on my artworks, and although it may be considered rough, but this is the portrayal of my moods, and a necessity for the artwork, so that every one of the artworks may be full of vitality and originality. I constantly experiment with many different materials and explore the many varieties of the language of the painting. I feel for the many different methods in the process of creation, and I would use many different approaches to search for the ideal way to present the visual results and convey my feelings of happiness, anger, and sadness.

As an artist, I will continue to probe the language of the visual arts and the colourful world that nature has bestowed upon us, and I will pursue the infinite pleasures of the painting for the rest of my life.


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