Ewen Morrison

This visit is an entity within my overall researching. I'm presently pondering which of a number of entities are the most promising to focus on. I am a retired DSA ADI (Driving Standards Agency Driving Instructor). Now, I intend to pursue the world of Artworking, as avidly as I had done my previous profession.

Being an ADI, as we tended to name each other, was indeed legally serious - but certainly as human as your Instructor could make it. A much more enjoyable and rewarding position than one may imagine!

The art of 'Safe Driving for Life', was our ultimate hope and motto. Many professions and crafts have similar hopeful desires. Almost all tradesmen give most care and close attention to achieving a good aesthetical standard for a work in hand. A mutually rewarding philosophy!

This particular philosophy suits many callings, from an amateur and upwards to the most professional level Perfection may be mythical to some degree - but is certainly a veritable worthwhile target!



My Oil paintings on self-made Artboards - edged to appear as if neatly framed and some on stretched canvas, art-paper etc.

Honest Abe “Honest Abe”

Oil painted on stretched canvas - unframed.

Swan Pair “Swan Pair”

Oils on round stretched canvas - 30 cm diameter.

Winter Trees “Winter Trees”

Oils on Canvas-board

Shore-Brolly “Shore-Brolly”

Oils on stretched canvas - unframed.

ADI's Abstraction “ADI's Abstraction”

Oils on stretched canvas - unframed.

MacDougall Steps “MacDougall Steps”

From inside a MacDougall Stronghold in Oban, Argyll, Scotland. Oils, stretched canvas - unframed.

Back Beach “Back Beach”

Oils on stretched canvas - unframed.

Highland Shores “Highland Shores”

Inspired by Alba's (Scotland's) wonderful scenery...sometimes abstract, always beautiful! Ewen painted this image on one of his self-made artboards - perhaps an example of what will be possible in the near future? ~ time will certainly tell...