David Douthat

I have been painting since the 1980's, starting in Oakland Ca. then finishing my fine arts major at Sonoma State University. My main inspirations were Kandinsky, Calder, Miro and teachers Jay Defeo an William Morehouse. Abstract painting is a language of its own and many other Artists have inspired me. After leaving school I became a house painter and got my contactors license. I learned to paint Murals and do Faux finishes which I found profitable living in Los Angeles. I recently relocated to Oregon to escape the noise and haste of LA. I never quite making my art all the years I spent as a contractor. You can see my work at davidwdouthat.com.


Artist David W. Douthat

Abstract painting is a language of form, color, lines and delineations that communicate ideas of energy, feelings and realities experienced by the viewer and the artist. For over 30 years I have been drawing and painting my images, inspired by Kandinsky and The Abstract Expressionists. The energies of my paintings are my symbols, words put together, to give the viewer an idea, feeling, or perhaps a sense of Beauty.

"Insight" “"Insight"”

Geometrical configurations have many times been a source of philosophy. The power of symbols is interesting as beliefs evolve or dogmas change even if the symbol remains the same, insight!
22x28 acrylic on canvas

"Childsplay" “"Childsplay"”

Colors relate to one another, it is the artists language. The simple play of a child is fun and colorful, childsplay.
16x20 acrylic on canvas

Dragons Fly Studio

The Studio for Abstract Painter David W. Douthat