Mario Schaeffer

The concept of my work is chance, evolving, I make a sequence of 3 or 5 works in a certain style and motion and like to reinvent myself taking some technique’s to the next level.

I don’t feel to belong in a specific area like contemporary, abstract or conceptual art.

I like to leave that opinion to the art lover looking at my work.

I know what I give but not what is received.

By meditation and emptying my mind I become the stillness of my empty canvas, it lets me flow, the end result is already there in a sense of the subconscious mind.


The lost letter

tittle " the lost letter "

What is your feeling, words melting in your emotion, is it the last letter, was it a lost letter, truth flow's like the meaning of words written on paper the perception of the individual apparent truth only in the individual thought, being aware of perception lets you see and feel that truth das not exist as only in mind an emotion running away whit you.

Like the despair on the face reading the lost letter, caught in the emotion of the moment, not yet seeing the opportunity the last words of goodbye can bring him, new path, new possibility’s the start of the life that was meant for him, not yet seeing the painful momentary truth build from the emotion of the moment is in reality a gift, opening new doors, new way’s, new people, new love, everything that happens is a true gift that gives you insight and strength to live your life as it was meant to, be grateful and embrace also the bad things …